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Earth (orbit).png
Orbital Distance 1 AU
Orbital Period 1 Earth Years
Radius 6,378 km
Day Length 23.9 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure 1 atm
Surface Temp 23 °C
Surface Gravity 1 g
Mass 1 Earth Masses
Satellites 1
Capital N/A
Colony Founded N/A
Population 11.4 billion

The homeworld and capital of humanity is entering a new golden age. The resource wealth of a dozen settled colonies and a hundred industrial outposts flows back to Earth, fueling great works of industry, commerce, and art. The great cities are greening as arcology skyscrapers and telecommuting allow more efficient use of land.

Earth is still divided among nation-states, though all are affiliated beneath the overarching banner of the Systems Alliance. While every human enjoys longer and better life than ever, the gap between rich and poor widens daily. Advanced nations have eliminated most genetic disease and pollution. Less fortunate regions have not progressed beyond 20th century technology, and are often smog-choked, overpopulated slums.

Sea levels have risen two meters in the last 200 years, and violent weather is common due to environmental damage inflicted during the late 21st century. The past few decades, however, have seen significant improvement due to recent technological advances.



Notable Locations