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== Upcoming Sessions ==
== Upcoming Sessions ==
* [[Ilyna T'Rea]] and [[Li]] moving back to their apartment (Dec 13)
* [[Aylena D'Inea|Aylena]]'s court date is approaching (TBD)
* [[Aylena D'Inea|Aylena]]'s court date is approaching (TBD)
* [[Alex Correa|Dawn]] continues her search for information in Adrasteia. (TBD)
* [[Alex Correa|Dawn]] continues her search for information in Adrasteia. (TBD)

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Welcome to our wiki! If you're new to AiteRP, you should definitely come chat with us on IRC.

Current Going-ons

Current Date: December 23, 2185 (Friday)

  • The Collectors have been defeated! The galaxy celebrates, but many are shocked to learn that Cerberus are the ones responsible for ending the threat.
  • Leah has led a team to ambush Lord Fasha Bar'adon, freeing Tara and several other slaves from his service.
  • Jason and Vasquez are away on their honeymoon.
  • Jessica and Yan Sun are away on a roadtrip.
  • Jason and Vasquez have met with Riley to discuss the Collectors.
  • Dawn has arrived in Adrasteia, asking questions about Bryan Cross and the biotic twins under his employ.
  • Li was rescued from the the Collectors by Redrock Agency, and they have returned to Aite aboard the MSV Jack of Diamonds. She and Ilyna are currently staying with Halisi until the broken window can be replaced.
  • Renala T'Iavay is back to work, and not very happy about it.
  • Steve and Renala found Henrik, and killed him along with his associate. Has Steve's past finally left him alone?
  • Wenera is still being pursued by Sala Piros, and along with Natalie she waits for the first sign of their pursuer.
  • Aylena has had almost a month to recover from her injuries, but Va'ynna's workdays aren't getting shorter.
  • Ehanis left Freedom Falls one day after the mission to rescue Li. She quit her job, and the only sign of life from her was a message on the 9th about her being a ship (likely) on the eastern coast.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Aylena's court date is approaching (TBD)
  • Dawn continues her search for information in Adrasteia. (TBD)

New Player?

  • Contact the mods on IRC about getting an account.
  • Don't forget to change your password when you first log in.
  • Take a minute to read our rules.
  • Check the edit tab on other characters' articles to get a template to copy when making your own. It's called View Source if you're logged out.

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