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Welcome to our wiki! If you're new to AiteRP, you should definitely come chat with us on IRC.

Current Going-ons

Current Date: December 25, 2185 (Sunday)

  • Aylena has departed Aite to deal with her court case. Enila has arrived to handle things in her stead.
  • The Collectors have been defeated! The galaxy celebrates, but many are shocked to learn that Cerberus are the ones responsible for ending the threat.
  • Leah has led a team to ambush Lord Fasha Bar'adon, freeing Tara and several other slaves from his service.
  • Jason and Vasquez have returned from their honeymoon.
  • Jessica and Yan Sun are away on a roadtrip.
  • Jason and Vasquez have met with Riley to discuss the Collectors.
  • Dawn has arrived in Adrasteia, asking questions about Bryan Cross and the biotic twins under his employ.
  • Li was rescued from the the Collectors by Redrock Agency, and they have returned to Aite aboard the MSV Jack of Diamonds. She and Ilyna stayed with Halisi for a while, but moved back on the 13th.
  • Renala T'Iavay is back to work, and not very happy about it.
  • Steve and Renala found Henrik, and killed him along with his associate. Has Steve's past finally left him alone?
  • Wenera is still being pursued by Sala Piros, and along with Natalie she waits for the first sign of their pursuer.
  • Ehanis left Freedom Falls one day after the mission to rescue Li. She quit her job, and the only sign of life from her was a message on the 9th about her being on a ship (likely) on the eastern coast.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Amy's first day of work (Dec 13)
  • Jessica and Yan Sun pass through Traveler's Gorge (TBD)
  • Untitled Amy Session (TBD)
  • Leah and Nathan date (Dec 21)
  • Jason and Va'ynna at the Respite (Dec 21)
  • Ilyna visits Halisi (Dec 22)
  • Leah and Tara go to the market (Dec 22)
  • Halisi making her rounds (Dec 23)
  • Jason visits the Jack (Dec 24)
  • Christmas at Redrock! (Dec 24)
  • Christmas at the Merciers! (Dec 24)
  • Christmas at the Gorge! (Dec 24)
  • Christmas at the Respite (Dec 24)
  • Christmas at the Atanas/Steeles (Dec 24)
  • Dawn continues her search for information in Adrasteia. (TBD)
  • Yan Sun and Jessica leave Aite (TBD)

New Player?

  • Contact the mods on IRC about getting an account.
  • Don't forget to change your password when you first log in.
  • Take a minute to read our rules.
  • Check the edit tab on other characters' articles to get a template to copy when making your own. It's called View Source if you're logged out.

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