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These are my notes so far about lore found in any of the ME:Andromeda material, which includes the game and the Nexus Uprising novel. Try to limit specificity in the content to avoid spilers.



Strong mass effect fields cause severe irritation to ME-sensitive people, like all biotics active and latent.

Coop biotic barriers confirmed. Also, huge barriers by living legends.

Biotics' barriers don't keep athmosphere in, not even a Matriarch's. Seemed pretty general the way the narrative described it.

Barriers distort light, making seeing through them difficult.

Biotics are described as blue in Nexus Uprising, once and for all putting it in non-game canon.


A shorthand for omni-tool is 'omni'.


Even wheeled vehicles can autonomously drive to the location of a summon. "Most scout rovers," according to codex entry on forward stations. This is consistent with Tela Vasir summoning a sky-car, so I think it's more general than Initiative-specific.



A great number of old asari stop learning new things, something Peebee, a maiden found baffling.

1,400 years is longer than asari, even. When Cora talked about Drack's age.

Asari - one profession is never enough. Said by one of the scientists sent to Havarl after you fixed it.

To a question given by the angara delegate, the asari in the cultural center said that asari may want to be referred to by a different pronoun – or a neutral one. Not done in practice anywhere else in this game or the original triology, so I'm willing to believe it is incredibly rare.

Military fraternization happens in commando units, but relationships tend not to last. Cora also said asari relationships in general are short-lived.

Asari can have violet eye color


"You do know krogan have super hearing, right?" said Ryder.

Krogan can go without water for five days, he said confidently. Actual number might be higher.

Ryncol won't kill a human, but it'll certainly leave a mess.


They count in base-8 according to last Eos forward station terminal.

Retired STG are apparantly known to always look too deeply into things – even after retiring.

Implied by Tann, they have redundant systems to keep them thinking logically in an adrenaline rush.

Salarians do not roll their eyes to express anything, but they do to help the thin protective membrane against dryness and irritants.

Despite their non-linear thinking, salarians can definitely get lost in their work and inattentive.


They file their talons and 'buff' their fringe for special occasions, like impressing someone


"Excuse my Martian" is a modern variant of "Excuse my French".