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The MSV Evening Star was a multi-purpose ship belonging to the ExoGeni Corporation. It was lost during an ill-fated mission to recover a mysterious artifact. The remains of the ship were later revisited by a small team attempting to recover the artifact for the Shadow Broker.



  • Deck 1: Bridge, Conference Room, Lifeboats
  • Deck 2: Med-Bay, Cafeteria, Crew Quarters, Bathroom
  • Deck 3: Lab, Armory, Gym, Security Office
  • Deck 4: Engineering, VI Core
  • Deck 5: Hangar, Cargo Hold


  • Class: Midsummer-class
  • Manufacturer: Cord-Hislop Aerospace
  • Owner: ExoGeni Corporation
  • Length: 125m
  • Beam: 42m
  • Propulsion: 4x Articulated Fusion Torch Nacelle Engines, 14x H/O Reaction Control Thrusters
  • Drive Core: Prometheus-class
  • Weapons: 2x Dual Autocannons, 4x GARDIAN Hardpoints


  • The design of the Evening Star was inspired by the titular ship from Prometheus.