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|Birthplace=Serrice, Thessia

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Renala T'Iavay
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 363
Birthdate December 3, 1821
Birthplace Serrice, Thessia
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 166cm (5'6")
Build ???
Hair ???
Markings None
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Sky-blue
Occupation Redrock Agency Sysadmin
Relationships Aeyna T'Rea (Daughter)
Steve Briggs (Close Friend)
Status Active
Player Gisle

Renala is an asari matron working at Redrock Agency.


Her skin has a sky blue color. She has no facial markings. Her crests have a bit rough, but symmetrical, texture. Renala is a matron, and looks the part, some skin on the sides of her face having a bit of a texture similar to the crests. Furthermore, she is not an exceptionally tall asari, standing only at 166cm / 5'5".


Early Life

Renala was born and grew up in a small town two hours' skycar drive from Serrice on Thessia to two asari parents. The common disdain for 'purebloods' like herself was prevalent in her early education, and she ended up with very few close friends. While it made her opt out of social events early on, she grew out of it as others grew out of their childish expressions of prejudice.

The early reclusion made her take an interest for technology, and more than one appliance at home met their end at her hands. It was only when she received her first omni-tool that this destructive streak ended – mostly.

To her parent's dismay, the calm Thessia life bored her as she got of age. At sixty years plus one day, she was out of asari space and en route to Omega. She was aware and pessimistic about the dangers, making her watch her step and cover her tracks early. She alternated working simple jobs and making use of her technical skills.

Settling Down

Eventually, the matron days were around the corner and the compulsion to settle down had begun to set in. Renala dusted off her ancient university degree and took a few more years of study to refresh it and add to it with money saved up during the later maiden years. That's where she met Nalena, who was at the time working as a recruiter for the Armalian tech company T'Rea Software Solutions.

Raising a child was very trying on their relationship. They had a very different perspective on raising a child. While Renala wanted to steel her against the hardships of growing up as a pureblood – even teaching her the basics of biotics at a very young age –, Nalena wanted her to be careful. An episode of lashing out against a classmate marked an upheaval in their relationship and Nalena wanted Renala out of the child's ifluence. It was an emotional overraction that Renala failed to calm. A divorce was bound to happen, and it did.

Renala's life in Armali fell apart after that. Calling it a mid-life crisis would be an understatement. The only constant is Aeyna, whom she still talk with on a regular basis.

A New Beginning

She quit her job and wanted to just get away for a while before she would give the matron's life another consideration. Not being a maiden anymore, she decided to stick to a middle ground. Settling down somewhere, while also looking for something to do with her life for the time being. First stop, Aite.

She rented a room at Miner's Respite once she arrived in the small spaceport town Freedom Falls. She thought it would be temporary, a small stop on her way to finding a new purpose, but it turned out to be anything but.



Renala specailizes in software development, though she also possesses skills in embedded software and devices. Systems administrations is also something she's adept at, given how most of her job is breaching others' systems. The asari does not have any technical abilities that are directly useful in combat.


Her biotics are powerful enough to get the job done, but is not exceptional for an asari past 300. The disuse during her settling down on Thessia has also had an effect on her precision and endurance, but she's recovering that while working for the agency.

  • Throw: This is the ability she's most skilled at, as it's very useful for suppression and is easy to deploy at a fast pace.
  • Warp: While she is more skilled at the above ability, her warps are incredibly dangerous if applied with the intent to kill. Renala only uses this when she really hates someone, however.
  • Stasis: She can fire a stasis field at a single target.
  • Barrier: A barrier bubble is an incredibly useful skill, though Renala's past made her protected by one more often than vice versa and the ability has fallen into disuse. She'll use it if the situation is hopeless, but at the cost of a lot of wasted energy.
  • Singularity: The theory is there, but not the practical skills. It's no joke, but it's more of disruption than a potential solar system of flailing mercs.


Renala knows her way around small arms, and can fire with reasonable precision at short and medium range. She's useless at long range, however.