Victoria Steels

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Victoria Steels
Vicky Finished Cropped.png
Alias Vicky, formerly Red Siren
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 38
Birthdate November 28th, 2146
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland, Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 176cm(5'9")
Build Lean
Hair Red
Markings ???
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light
Occupation Redrock Agency Pilot and Captain of Siren's Call
Relationships Va'ynna Atana (Lover)
Austin Breton (Father Figure)
Status Active
Player MCB

Victoria is a human who works as a pilot for Redrock Agency.


Victoria most notable features, is her red hair and ocean blue eyes. She is fit, with a slim frame and tone body. She stands at 1.76 metres. Some would consider her somewhat attractive to some and average to others.


Early Life

Victoria was born on Earth in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland. She was raised on the road, as her parents never stayed in one place too long. Victoria upbringing was not the typical upbringing for a child, she was raised to be a thief from an early age. A year before the First Contact War began, Victoria's parents had another child, Vicky's sister Sarah.

Once the First Contact war was over, and humanity was properly introduced to the galaxy, Victoria’s family left Earth to begin fresh on the Citadel. This so-called fresh start on the right side of the law, was something Vicky could not do. Victoria continuously found herself getting in trouble, from the law and her parents.

During Vicky’s teenage years that is when her life went downhill. Vicky, unwilling to change, she spent a week away from her home, returning to find her family no longer there and she was left to fend for herself.

The next couple of years were hard for Vicky, she was stealing to keep herself alive and her parents leaving her left a bitter taste in her mouth. One day a C-Sec officer caught her in the act of pickpocketing, the officer decided to put her in a holding cell with a drunk asari. This is when she met her pirate mentor, Alya.

The Pirate Life

Alya taught Vicky the best way to be a pirate is showing no pity or mercy on enemy or friend alike, she allowed the child under her care to do whatever she wished, allowing the little thief to thrive. Alya was bloodthirsty for a pirate, but she was not stupid and did not push beyond her own sphere of influence.

Vicky learn the most effective way to be a brutal thief and pirate, Alya trained her young adoptive daughter to be an enforcer for her crew. The man Vicky look to as an adoptive father, Austin Breton, had been under Alya’s employment for a time before Vicky arrived. Austin saw what was being done to Victoria, he decided to make sure that the young Victoria did not turn out to be a complete monster.

After some time, Alya believed it to be time to reward Victoria with a ship of her own, the Siren’s Call. Without Alya constant guidance Victoria did make a name for herself, but due to Austin remaining at Victoria’s side, she was slowly wanting to leave the life that allowed her to survive for most of her life and truly have her own freedom.

Mutiny and Aite Life

Mercenary and Love Life