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A Beautiful Shade of Blue

A romance vid about forbidden love between a human and an asari. Directed by Rick Clarkes. Starring Devin Tanner in his breakout role.

Afraid of the Dark: Reapers, Collectors and other Myths

A documentary about various galactic myths. The recent Collector resurgence has sparked renewed interest.


A big budget horror film based on the true story of the Akuze massacre, where a squad of Alliance marines were hunted by thresher maws.

Alliance Superiority

A big-budget space war vid.

Asari Confessions

A popular and long running asari romance series.


  • Asari Confessions 26: True Blue


A popular action exploitation movie franchise about the first hanar Spectre.


  • Blasto: Requiem For a Reaper
  • Blasto: The Jellyfish Stings
  • Blasto Saves Christmas
  • Blasto 6: Partners in Crime - Currently under production.

Blue's Anatomy

An extranet medical action-drama series.

Blue Steel

An asarisploitation film produced on Lisir about robo-mining uranium. The film was one of humanity's first attempts to market entertainment galactically.

Call Me Sally

A comedy film about an undercover asari Spectre disguised as a human.

Check And Mate

A film about asari maidens at the World Chess Championship on Earth.


A movie that highlights Commander Shepard's involvement in the Eden Prime War, Citadel is directed by Risa Uvarsen and presented by Eridani films.


A classic asari simulstim film and one of the highest grossing films in the galaxy.

Damaged: The Truth Behind the Citadel Crisis

A documentary purporting to reveal the 'truth' about the 2183 attack on the Citadel.

Dynasty of Stars

An award-winning salarian extranet drama that ran for over 70 seasons.

Exiles: Portraits of the Lost Quarians

A documentary about exiled quarians.


A low-budget historical drama about the Treaty of Farixen.

Fleet and Flotilla

Fleet and Flotilla is an award-winning entertainment vid noted for its positive portrayal of turian-quarian relationships. The movie spawned at least one "relationship simulator", a soundtrack, extranet sites with "captioned animations", and even a musical adaptation. Home video versions have the capability of activating 'sing-along mode'.

Furious Volus

A trilogy of Blasto-knockoffs featuring the galaxy's first volus Spectre.

Galactic Vindicators

A series of multi-species superhero blockbusters popular in Council Space.


  • Captain Palaven: The First Vindicator - A prequel released in 2184, telling the story of a turian supersoldier brought forward in time from the Unification War to fight the Dark Cabal.


A biopic about human hero Jon Grissom.


A cheesy action series featuring asari ninjas and plenty of heads being kicked.


  • Headkick 4 - Considered by many to be the last entry in the franchise with a somewhat coherent story.
  • Headkick 5 - Critically panned.
  • Headkick 6: The Kickening - Viewed by the MSV Saint Lucia's expeditionary team during movie night. Critically panned.
  • Headkick 7 - Under production. Rumored to be a prequel. Stars Devin Tanner.

How They Must See Us

An asari vid about first contact with humanity.


A horror series about teens trying to survive the eponymous husks.


  • Husks 2: Awl Justice

Iota Horologii

A 342-hour-long epic produced by Got Serbos, when it premiered a decade ago it met critical acclaim, but bombed in the box office. The film tracks twelve alien families as their empires clash in an unnamed galaxy in the Horologium supercluster.

Knights of Calmare

A human fantasy vid series that's popular on Earth, but has seen little success in the wider galaxy, aside from a small but diehard turian fanbase.


  • Knights of Calmare
  • Knights of Calmare II: A New Threat
  • Knights of Calmare III: Allegiance
  • Knights of Calmare IV: Rebellion
  • Knights of Calmare V: The Return

Krantt Hardly Wait

A comedy about a krogan male learning courtship practices from a human female.

Last of the Legion

A turian war film. The film contains what was described by critics as training montages with "excessive turian flexing", and an explosive sequence of a ship crashing onto a moon shot using a real derelict.

Machine Cultists - The Truth

A documentary on so-called 'machine cults' through the centuries.

Nekyia Corridor

A record-breaking human simstim movie taking place in one of the most dangerous parts of space where ancient asari once believed the souls of the dead went. The legend of an ancient asari goddess of death, Piares, formed the basis for the movie. First announced during Super Bowl CCXIX on Earth, the movie made a total of around 13.3 billion credits on its opening weekend, and hindered productivity across Citadel Space because most workers either had seen or were seeing the film. Nekyia Corridor went on to surpass some of the galaxy's top-grossing simulstims, including the asari classic Confederates.

Night Winds

A romantic horror movie about Ardat-Yakshi.

Off Stage

A popular film about a paraplegic asari dancer who learns to dance using biotics.

Red Desert: Survivors of Fallwell

A documentary about an early, ill-fated Martian colony.

Rodin vs Metagodzilla

An "art-house-release fourth-wall-breaker".

Ruck Humpers

A krogan war comedy, Ruck Humpers' humor did not translate well to viewers on Citadel Space.

Sands of Tuchanka

A documentary on Tuchankan wildlife.

Saren: A Hero Betrayed

A biopic on Saren Arterius, turian spectre.

Saren Arterius - The Rogue Spectre

A documentary by the Alliance News Network.

Science Fun Today!

A popular science vid series aimed primarily at young viewers.


A film acknowledged as a masterpiece of gothic horror. Made in 2173, cinematographer Risa Uvarsen filmed the exterior scenes of "Starless" on the planet Faringor, capitalizing on the planet's grim surface color and dim illumination. Due to Faringor's lack of an atmosphere, the film's sets have been perfectly preserved by the vacuum and attract hundreds of tourists annually.

Super Centurion

A popular turian children's cartoon that chronicles the Super Centurion's never-ending fight against E.V.I.L (The Enhanced Varren Intergalactic League).


A controversial horror film involving turians "rending human throats with their razor claws".

Taze Patterson: Part 1: The Beginning

A greatly hyped but poorly reviewed "disaster/action flick/coming-of-age story".

Teenage Ninja Kwanzaa Force

A holiday film.

Terminus Velocity

A series of popular but critically panned popcorn flicks.

The 840-Year-Old Virgin

A comedy about "the life of an impossibly nerdy asari".

The Bold & The Burdened

A long-running soap-opera popular throughout the galaxy.

The Demon and the Nightmare

A suspense thriller about the 'mostly true story' of two thresher maws that nearly destroy a salarian city on Dagnes.

The Ever Alert

A survival vid series.

The Jar

A salarian shocker which played on the universal fear of being trapped in a simulstim.

The Madness of Sacrifice: The Unauthorized Biography of Warlord Okeer

A biopic on Warlord Okeer.

The Phage

A horror franchise about a sentient salarian biowarfare project with the ability to dissolve people.

The Path of Lies: A History of the Alliance Military

A controversial documentary about the history of the Alliance.

This One's Hanukkah Cheer

A holiday film.


A popular asari vid known for its sex scenes.

We Meet Again, Doctor Fear

A salarian family film about a captured agent with a time machine, which in a comedic twist can only take him 15 minutes back in the past.

When Fauna Attacks!

A series featuring recordings of animal attacks.

With Genericized Holiday Spirit

A holiday film.


Alliance Corsair

An action game based on the eponymous Alliance operatives that served under independent starship captains to conduct autonomous missions outside of Alliance jurisdiction, giving the Alliance the ability to disavow any knowledge of them. Such operatives were often granted considerable liberty and autonomy in order to facilitate efficient operation, though it was noted that even they were subjected to bureaucracy that impeded them.


A narrative game featuring a collection of short stories based on the experiences of its creators and other collaborators.

Galaxy of Fantasy

A massively multiplayer extranet role-playing game based on turian mythology. It has over 11 billion players.


  • Waters of Kolono

Geth Attack

A shooter franchise.


  • Geth Attack: Eden Prime Fundraising Edition

Grim Terminus Alliance

A game series that received much controversy for the ability of a player to capture slaves and beat them.

Fleet and Flotilla: Interactive Cross-Species Relationship Simulator

A dating simulator based on the popular Fleet and Flotilla franchise.


An asari strategy boardgame that has been translated into virtual form. This complex game requires strategy and incisive thinking to command a small fleet to take your opponent's "homeworld." Some versions include "neural feedback" which delivers a mild shock to the player when they lose a piece, which serves to disincentive casually sacrificing pieces.


An elcor card game. Traditionally played with thin rock slabs, but variants for other species employ more standard cards. Slow paced.

N7 Code of Honor

The most popular shooter series in human space.


  • Code of Honor
  • Code of Honor: N7
  • N7 Code of Honor 2
  • N7 Code of Honor 3
  • N7 Code of Honor 4: Medal of Sacrifice
  • N7 Code of Honor: First Contact
  • N7 Code of Honor: Medal of Sacrifice 2
  • N7: Mechanical Warfare
  • N7 Code of Honor 5: Lightning Strike
  • N7 Code of Honor: Medal of Duty
  • N7 Code of Honor: Joint Strike Force

Normandy Flight Sim

A flight simulator of the SSV Normandy included with the popular Commander Shepard VI.

Relay Defense

An arcade game that consists of eliminating enemy ships spawning from a mass relay that are attacking your controlled planet.

Shattered Eezo

A popular fighting game franchise. Holo versions are often featured in arcades.

Super Centurion: Battle Arena

A fighting game based on the popular turian cartoon.


A human narrative game about a fictional, remote colony.

Void Cause

A popular human sci-fi RPG franchise.


  • Void Cause
  • Void Cause 2
  • Void Cause 3
  • Void Cause: Triangulum


Aarya Laskar

A human indie artist whose popularity peaked in the 2170s.

Blue Giants

An act that performed at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.


An act that performed at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.

Codex Iridis

Human-made music VI.


  • Earthrise

DJ Virtrix

A DJ of unknown species who primarily plays on independent Terminus planets.

DJ Zolnon

A hanar DJ.


  • Bloom of the First Crest
  • The Mindfish Protocol (Enkindlers Mix)

Doctor Bump

An Adrasteian DJ.


  • Adrasteia Pride
  • Zero is the Sum of the Element

Domino Masque

Winner of "Best New Artist" at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.


A rock band that walked out of a charity concert when its singer, Gretel Batts, launched a vulgar tirade that lasted 10 minutes.

Eff Tee El

An act that performed at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.

Expel 10

A sensory band that plays on Omega.

Eezo Credits

A band that mixes traditional human heavy metal with influences from krogan war chants and AstroFlip. They're famed for their krogan drummer and his creative use of krogan war drums.


  • Battlemaster
  • Relay 314
  • Darkspace
  • The Blitz
  • Legacy of Raktan

Jacqueline Petit

A French singer.

Jenellen Lepp

A singer who gained infamy when he married socialite Aish Ashland and divorced her after less than a week.

Lady Sweat

A human R&B singer who died at age 24 when her ship passed through a proton storm.


Winner of "Best Choreography" for the song "Mix It" at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.


Winner "Video of the Year" for the song "Let It Up, Let It In" at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.

Vi-vian Wonder

Performed Lady Sweat's "Where You Gone" as a memorial at the 2185 Galactic Video Music Awards.


After Dark Fashions

A fashion magazine.

And Love Fell

A book of free verse by reclusive asari poet Techllis Bel. This sharp, pessimistic satire questions the ability of sentient races to rise above basic bloodshed. It's been a bestseller for decades.


Written by human author Drew Karpyshyn, this popular military-historical novel focuses on several lives warped or destroyed by the human-survivalist cult Cerberus.

Astonishing Adventures

A pulp publication featuring spine-tingling new fiction, such as Following in the Footsteps of Giants! a full-lenght story by D'Quin Katora.

BioTech Research Quarterly

A science magazine.

Criminal Negligence: The Citadel Council and the True Story of the Geth Threat

A controversial e-book written by a C-SEC officer personally responsible for asari Councilor Tevos' safety, Negligence alleges that the Citadel Council knew the geth were travelling outside the Perseus Veil long before their attack on Eden Prime. Other revelations, such as the geth spreading to not one but five planets before their attack on the Citadel, were revealed to crank up the hype on the author's tour of the Council's homeworlds.

First Contact: Who Needs It?

In First Contact: Who Needs It?, counterculture icon Kurt Riven argues that contact between extraterrestrial species is inherently a bad idea. Riven writes, "Aside from the inevitable wars, jingoism, and disease that always follow first contact, there's a more insidious problem: the homogenization of culture, of thought, of ideas themselves. As soon as I see how your ship works, I don't need to figure it out myself. I'll copy yours and whatever hope we had for something new evaporates. Maybe mine's a different shape, but so what? The same problem exists on a galactic scale, where all major species are busy duplicating each others' ideas. It would have been better if they never met."


Launched in 2167, Fornax magazine described itself as "the galaxy's finest xenophilia". Fornax became the first human magazine to offer full five-sensory stimulation, a previously-unaffordable magazine technology made profitable by the economy of scale. With a monthly publishing run of 127 million available in both in hard-copy and direct download, Fornax offers a range of alien models with particular emphasis on the mono-gender asari, although both genders of quarians, drell, batarians, and volus are regularly depicted. Specialty editions such as Genit-elcor and Krogasm service devoted but smaller markets.

Juggling the Monkeys: An Insider's View of the Tower

A book by political commentator Erlan Golta which explains the inner-workings of the Citadel Council and its bureaucracy.

Justicar Heroes

A news publication that tells of the heroic exploits of Justicars. It has been known to exaggerate its stories. Samara has been featured in the publication before including a June 2085 spread called "Justicar Samara: Cold-Blooded Justice Runs Hot" and a May 2140 article that says she personally saved 50 refugees on Nevos from a flood.

Men are from Omega, Women are from Illium

A vidbook.

Milgrom Life Weekly

A lifestyle magazine from Beckenstein that often pushes advice based on questionable science.

Prothean Warfare - What We Know

A book on the latest research and speculation on Prothean warfare.

Purple Stains: Blood Under the Blue Suns

A book by human journalist Amelia Romanoff claiming to detail the bloody history of the Blue Suns.


A popular military-historical novel by human writer Drew Karpyshyn that dramatizes human conflicts and political expansion following the 2148 discovery of the Prothean mass relay on Pluto and the beginning of human galactic exploration.

Last Star in the Sky - Delsae Orthysa

A detective fiction set on the Citadel where Roma T'Fabris is forced to hire Mr. Fletcher, the protagonist, to search for her missing sister Jedora because the C-Sec Executor is corrupt.

Spectacular Science

A publication of the premier anthology of speculative adventure, such as The Capricorn Paradox, by "Bones" DeHaviland, She Sleeps in Slipstream which is an exclusive preview of a new novel by Rava Shaniro, and the latest chrono reviews.

STG: The Forbidden Files

A book by conspiracy theorist Bernard Plim.

Tales to Amaze

A publication featuring a collection of pulp stories, such as The Last Outpost by Donovan Beam, and The Brink of Stars by Corvik Malin, and much more.

Tear-songs of the Plains

Avant-garde poetry by the infamous elcor performance artist Nockrick Taur. Critics agree that while Taur employs striking imagery, his verse structure suffers from an undisciplined laziness.

The Tale of Wenrum

An old novel from the salarian Romance era, about the noble quest of the folk hero Wenrum.

Top Flight

A publication detailing the latest in skycars.

True Stories of the Ardat-Yakshi Among Us

A publication of Ardat-Yakshi crime stories of dubious veracity.

Wasteland Hammer

A novel set on a barren world populated by the descendants of an ancient colony ship, long-since out of touch with the rest of the galaxy.

What the Dalatrass Knew

A book by conspiracy theorist Bernard Plim.

What the Drell Don't Know: And the Hanar Won't Say

A book by conspiracy theorist Bernard Plim.


American Football

A human team ball sport.

Known Teams:

  • Beijing Dragons
  • New York Giants

Armax Arena

Simulated combat sport hosted by Armax Arsenal in their simulators.


A sport?

Known players:

  • Alya T'Kantis


A human team ball sport.

Known Teams:

  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Kyoto Katanas
  • Vladivostok Bears


A galactic ball sport involving teams of biotics who attempt to score by maneuvering a ball into a basket.

Known Teams:

  • Beijing Shockers
  • New Orleans Loa
  • Seattle Sorcerers
  • Usaru Maestros
  • Washington Hackers


A turian team ball sport.

Known Teams:

  • Raescir Rockets

Kailat Ring-Ball

Asari and salarian sport popular in the Terminus Systems.


A violent krogan sport where fatalities are common.

Mixed Martial Arts

A human combat sport that accepts alien competitors.

Known competitors:

  • Luis "Laser" Reyes
  • Zarren "The Varren" Casias

Orbital Racing

Starship racing sport involving passing within a certain distance of buoys that form a 'racetrack' in orbit around a planet. Rules vary depending on league - some in the Terminus allow the use of ship-mounted weaponry. Aite's local championship is the bi-annual Aite Ring Race X-treme - as the name implies, the track follows Aite's iconic ring.

Known competitors:

  • Garg "The Krogan Komet"

Urban Combat

A galactic team combat sport with player versus player combat.

Known Teams:

  • Edmonton Blood Dragons
  • Rhode Island Knights
  • Warsaw Hussar Angels
  • Sydney Drop Bears