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Current Date
December 24, 2185 (Saturday)

Aitian Season

Current Events


  • Several quarian ships are landed in Freedom Falls to trade
  • The Cord-Hislop facility in the mountains has been destroyed in a geth attack


  • The Collectors have been defeated! The galaxy celebrates, but many are shocked to learn that Cerberus are the ones responsible for ending the threat.
  • Blue Suns, Eclipse and Blood Pack operations across the Terminus Systems have been suffering repeated attacks. Word among the mercenaries is that Commander Shepard is waging a one-Spectre war against them.
  • There are murmurs of changes to the Shadow Broker's network in the shadier corners of the galaxy.
  • The cause behind the missing colonies has been revealed as the Collectors attacked Horizon, and half the colony's inhabitants were abducted before they were driven back by unknown defenders. Rumors range from the STG to Cerberus, and even Commander Shepard.
  • War rages between the krogan government and corporate invaders on the planet of Garvug.
  • The raloi have been welcomed into the galactic community.
  • The krogan clans of Tuchanka are starting to unify under Clan Urdnot.
  • The three big gangs have been virtually driven off Omega by Archangel. There are many rumors that the vigilante had help, but no one agrees on who. The Talons are rising in the stead of the old gangs.


December 2185

November 2185

  • Redrock catches up to Mingxia, killing her, but not before she summons the Collectors (Nov 30)
  • Vasquez goes to the Respite with Gage and his squad after some encouragement from Cynthia (Nov 30)
  • Dawn visits Burd in search of information (Nov 28)
  • Vasquez has a heart-to-heart with Gage (Nov 28)
  • Renala leaves Freedom Falls in the early morning (Nov 28)
  • Renala and Uvena goes to Ilyna's apartment after the kidnapping to collect any electronics, and arranges temporary repairs to the broken window (Nov 28)
  • Li is kidnapped by Mingxia, her birth-mother. Redrock pursues in the Jack of Diamonds (Nov 28)
  • Dawn arrives in Adrasteia (Nov 27)
  • Jason and Vasquez' wedding! (Nov 26)
  • Bishop and Lucas confront Jessica and Yan Sun at the dam (Nov 26)
  • Jason's bachelor party (Nov 24)
  • Vasquez' bachelorette party (Nov 23)
  • Leah makes plans to kill Tara's owner (Nov 21)
  • Vasquez receives a letter from her mother (Nov 20)
  • Jason's old unit arrives in Freedom Falls, and visit the Respite (Nov 18)
  • Renala visits Litae's Grace (Nov 17)
  • Chris Wolfe and Locke arrive in Freedom Falls (Nov 17)
  • Samantha Granger is hired by Pip (Nov 17)
  • Ehanis and Sioria go on a road trip (Nov 17)
  • Yan Sun is embarrassed by Jessica at Club Cobalt (Nov 16)
  • Jason has a meeting with Vasili in the Respite (Nov 16)
  • Renala helps fend off an attempt on Steve's life by Henrik (Nov 16)
  • Vasquez and Jason enjoy a day of relaxing together (Nov 15)
  • Renala visits Steve in the hospital (Nov 15)
  • Halisi makes a late-night visit to talk with Ilyna (Nov 14)
  • Aylena confronts Leah about Tara's escaped slave status (Nov 14)
  • Jason mounts memorial plaques of lost team-members in the Redrock gym (Nov 14)
  • Jason's friends congratulate him on his birthday, but Vasquez forgets (Nov 14)
  • Ehanis talked with Sioria about visiting the turian's home town for a few days (Nov 13)
  • Amel Vasquez convinces Jason to ask her daughter to talk to her (Nov 13)
  • Nathan and Jason encounter a mysterious man while pursuing a slaver (Nov 13)
  • Tara injures herself trying to clean up a broken glass (Nov 13)
  • Yan Sun and Jessica have a late-night chat (Nov 13)
  • Yan Sun and Jessica visit Club Cobalt, and Jessica defeats a would-be mugger (Nov 12)
  • Rayla'Deeran visits Jason (Nov 12)
  • Halisi talks to Sofia in a café (Nov 11)
  • Markus and Emma arrive in Freedom Falls (Nov 11)
  • Jessica discusses wedding photography with Vasquez (Nov 10)
  • Halisi helps Ilyna with Li (Nov 10)
  • Leah and Tara go shopping for clothes (Nov 9)
  • Nathan visits the Hospital (Nov 8)
  • Leah's father returns to Freedom Falls (Nov 8)
  • Jessica makes a choice (Nov 8)
  • The Respite is attacked by a lone asari (Nov 7)
  • Ehanis and Sioria run into trouble in the forest (Nov 7)
  • Yan Sun visited Jessica at the dam (Nov 7)
  • Redrock holds a Halloween Party for Li (Nov 6)
  • Vasquez' mother reveals herself to be not only alive, but working for Cerberus (Nov 5)
  • Yan Sun and Jessica visit Club Cobalt and talk to Kirill (Nov 4)
  • Tarkus and Jason had a bonding moment (Nov 3)
  • Jason had a talk with Nathan about his job (Nov 3)
  • Lantea was hired by Redrock (Nov 2)
  • Vasquez told Jason that she was pregnant (Nov 2)
  • Vasquez visited Ilyna (Nov 2)
  • Tara gets a job at the Miner's Respite (Nov 2)
  • Redrock returns from their mission to Rakhana after being rescued by the Siren's Call (Nov 1)

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