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Community Rules

1. English is the community's main language.

2. Treat other members with respect.

3. Expressions of racism, sexism or any other such -isms with malicious intent is not tolerated.

4. Do not spam the lobby, forums, wiki or any website associated with Aite RP.

5. Try to employ proper grammar and spelling, especially on the forums.

6. Do not use our channels to request players for other RP, be it a group or private; use #RPG-Hub (a channel maintained by the network staff) for that purpose.

Any first, seldom, or minor offense will only earn you a warning, unless it is the sole purpose of your account – e.g. spam accounts signing up to advertize. The amount of warnings before action is taken is on a case by case basis.

Last, but not least, read Darkmyst's Acceptable Use Policy


Roleplaying Rules

1. No OOC (Out-Of-Character) chatting is allowed in IC (In-Character) chat channels. Keep the OOC in #AiteRPLobby and PMs. Exceptions is corrections, and immediate retcons, enclosed in (( )). The same goes for the <-^ (for when a player posted under the wrong nick/NPC), honest mistakes and bot commands which don't need brackets.

2. Deviations from established lore is not allowed; filling the blanks is, but consider other options first.

  • Companies and locations whose existense doesn't contradict established lore in any way is not considered a deviation, and the same goes for fauna and flora on Aite. Ask in the lobby or PM a moderator if you're unsure.

3. Potential changes of the setting's status quo must be approved before put into action.

4. A character may not be roleplayed before a bio has been posted and approved, unless it is a minor background character.

  • That does not mean NPCs are unmoderated. Any parts of the background that would be taken up when going over a player character is to be brought up to a mod before mentioning it in roleplay.

5. Interaction with characters and part of conditional events from the game stories is not allowed. There are exceptions. Referring to famous/relevant ones is allowed.

  • Shepard is off limits. Any references to them (if absoultely necessary) should be with last name or singular they.

6. Killing another player's character is not allowed without the player's permission.

  • This rule is not to be used at a shield when characters act carelessly.

7. Dictating the actions of other people's characters (aka god-moding) without their permission is not allowed. This includes minor characters belonging to a specific players.

8. There are no gameplay systems in roleplay.

9. The /me command signifies actions in roleplay. If a short action takes place in the middle of speaking *action here* can be used, likewise with speaking during a /me command "Speaking here".

  • Posts starting with quoted dialogue can be posted without /me, as those makes it clear straight out the gate what's dialogue and what's narrative.

10. Avoid Mary Sues.

11. Be ready to adapt.

12. Characters are allowed to act and speak in a rude, mean and otherwise unpleasant manner, as well as expressing any negative discriminatory views (e.g. racist, sexist, and so on) without the player having to be held accountable outside roleplay. Their character can be held accountable by other characters, however, which should go without saying.

13. Wherever the logbot goes is publicly logged. If you own a channel and do not want it logged anymore, ask me and I will have logbot leave.

14. Meta-gaming (Using OOC knowledge to influence your character's actions) is not allowed.

  • Permission may be granted by another player for using information about their characters in a storyline.

15. Above all, respect and trust your fellow roleplayers.