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Kanthus-Oritern is a turian-owned security company operating in Dalliren, Illium providing security for numerous establishments and companies. They have built a strong reputation for themselves, but their recent downscaling have caused some critical eyes looking their way.

They offer general security, night-shift security, asset safekeeping and armed escort services. They only operate on Illium, and their rates are uncompetitive for an Illium security company.



The company was founded 20 years ago by a pair of turian military veterans, and they have worked their way up since. In the beginning the kept their ranks primarily turian with specialists of other species. To bolster their numbers, they have tried to relax their requirements for non-turian applicants, but their old reputation is hard to shake off.

In 2184, they boasted 26 employees, but the number has decreased to 14 since then, and their previous accountant and budget manager have also left the company.


The press has been kept in the dark so far about their imminent decline, liketly on request from both sides. After gaining what Aylena confidently think is enough evidence, she has filed a suit seeking reparations for the damage caused to Aehan-Tech after a dispute escalated to voilence in 2014.

Their people have tried to silence Aylena leading up to the court case, with three attempts having been made on her life so far. The last one put her in the hospital, which lead to the postponing of the court case. The pair of turians were arrested in the wake of that attack, while Esseria Illeni got away from the downed shuttle before NAPF could get to it.


Exact information about their agents is kept secret to anyone but their clients, and so are their numbers.