Tessa Dellan

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Tessa Dellan
Alias Kim Polner
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthdate 2164
Birthplace The Citadel
Current Residence [REDACTED]
Height 173cm(5'8")
Build Curvy
Hair Long Brownish Red
Markings ???
Eye Color Green (Blue contacts)
Skin Color Light
Occupation [REDACTED]
Relationships Elise Polner (Sister)
Status Inactive
Player AlyssaTheLamb
"I can't go into it at all here, but my situation is... complicated. For now, could you call me Kim instead?"
—Tessa Dellan

Tessa is a human infiltration specialist with a mysterious background. For a time she worked for Redrock, and she's an old associate of the company's veteran members.


Tessa is 5'8, with long brownish-red hair going down to her lower back. This hair is often set into one long braid, but she lets it down at times when she doesn't predict any possibility of trouble. She naturally has green eyes, and keeps a pair of simple, but strong glasses over them. She always has contacts in her eyes that change her eye color to blue.

Her body shape is slim and curvy, boasting only a modest sized bust. Her face is naturally expressive, but she has learned over the years how to mask her emotions.

She prefers light clothing, usually preferring a simple t-shirt and fabric pants combo.




Tessa is a skilled single-target elimination specialist used to stealth and sharpshooting.