Amel Vasquez

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Amel Vasquez
Alias The Professor
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 65
Birthdate 2122
Birthplace Spain, EU, Earth
Current Residence [REDACTED]
Height 173cm (5'8")
Build Average
Hair Long Graying Black
Markings ???
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Olive
Occupation Cerberus Scientist
Relationships Linda Vasquez (Daughter)
Markus Vasquez (Son)
Status Active
Player Tyranniac
"I don't ever want to see her again. It would've been better if she was dead."
Linda Vasquez

Professor Amel Vasquez is a Cerberus scientist and the mother of Linda Vasquez.


Professor Vasquez is an older woman with olive skin and brown eyes. Her graying black hair is usually tied back in a neat bun. Her face has a severity to it that is compounded by her usually stern expression. While she has remained physically active throughout her life, her body is still that of an aging scientist, who has spent most of her time at a desk or in a lab. She normally wears a Cerberus science uniform in their standard white-orange-black color scheme.





  • Arabic (Native)
  • Spanish (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Galactic Trade (Fluent)
  • Batarian (Skilled)
  • Salarian (Skilled)
  • Asari (Skilled)
  • Mandarin (Intermediate)
  • Latin (Intermediate)


Professor Vasquez is an expert in ancient technology, primarily that of the Protheans, and she was one of the researchers working at the Mars Archives before her supposed death, and subsequent recruitment by Cerberus. Under their employment her focus has gradually shifted to older and more alien technology still.