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Founded 2132
Population 5,000 (Union: 10,200)
Leadership ???
Owner ???
Affiliation ???
City ???
Planet Aite

Derrai is a city on the east coast of the continent where Freedom Falls and Adrasteia is. It's part of a union with the nearby landlocked state of Raelos and the island of Aroste off its coast. For a place that's been around for over fifty years, its permanent population is low due to the difficulties of sustaining oneself without a job — the climate makes farming difficult.

It has no central government, but the corporations having stakes in the area and surrounding areas are the closest thing to one. These are lesser-known companies, and most are shell companies set up for exploiting Aite's resources before the extinction.

The Derrai Security Group provides the local security in Derrai and the other parts of the union. It is a private army owned jointly by multiple corporations that operate relatively independently. The Group may enlist freelancers and smaller groups, but while that fact is known, these jobs are not very public or official.

Redrock Agency had an operation on the associated island of Aroste, where they did not follow the process for getting landing permission. Their disrespect of the Derraian authorities may make future travel there difficult.


Initial Research

Salarian marine biologists founded the colony in 2132 to map out the various marine species in the region and their value for food export to other Terminus worlds. While it has few mineral resources of value, it's been the center of some conflicts due to the discovery that some common marine species in the area were proven safely edible for asari, salarians, and batarians – and humans. The relatively harsh climate served the colony well initially, making them an unpopular target until corporations with the means to defend their operation settled in.

The biggest challenge to their growth has been protecting its claimed ocean territories from other states' vessels. It seems like no matter how far the corporations' vessels travel outside, and any other vessels are seen as intruders, making said territories difficult to understand for outsiders. While the planet's oceans are big enough for everyone, the biota here is well studied by trusted sources.

Formation of Derrai Union

An island quite far off the coast was a nuisance in the beginning. It served as a base of operations for corporations profiting off of the mapped out local fauna without having paid for this research in the first place. After repeated warnings and one short armed conflict on the island, the companies of Aroste were subject to the same rule as those on the mainland. The companies that didn't withdraw from the area still harbor resentment for Derrai, but there is not much they can do about it.

The island's climate and poisonous wild plants make it challenging (though not unfeasible) for farmers, so a few have settled there.

Raelos' partnership with Derrai was one on much better terms. As Derrai grew, it needed goods and services it could not obtain itself. At the time, Raelos was merely a struggling farming community, but Derraian support enabled it to grow into a stable food source to cut down on immense import costs from more distant colonies.


Travel to Derrai is a daunting task without owning a personal ship. Freight transports to distant colonies are rare, and the companies doing so are careful not to attract pirates. The roads and terrain can also prove troublesome; it would take weeks in ideal condition to travel from Freedom Falls by truck.

Traveling between colonies in the union is easier if one is reasonably connected. Regular freight trucks travel between Raelos and Derrai, and ships are going between Derrai and the island of Aroste.