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The Redrock Agency is a small private military company operating out of Freedom Falls. They provide security for several local companies in addition to taking one-off jobs both on Aite and off-world. Redrock is run by Chief Linda Vasquez and Jason Wolfe.



The Redrock Agency was founded in 2184 by Linda Vasquez and Jason Wolfe. Originally envisioned as an intermediary for freelance mercenaries, Redrock was based on the gateway world Illium. Unfortunately, during their very first mission, the elimination of an asari warlord on the planet Niacal, Vasquez fell victim to an Ardat-Yakshi and suffering a severe brain hemorrhage and subsequently being hospitalized. With Jason moving to Earth to take care of Vasquez, the dream of Redrock was put on hold.

Arrival on Aite

Jason and Vasquez moved to the settlement of Freedom Falls, Aite, in October, 2184. There they had purchased an old office building, intending to rebuild the Redrock Agency as a proper private military company. As envisioned by its founders, the rebuilt Redrock would allow them to build a trustworthy team that could do the kind of jobs that they wanted. A PMC with a conscience, as contradictory as that may have seemed to more cynical minds. Their location in the Terminus Systems would ensure freedom to operate as they wished as well as a steady supply of people and organizations in need of their services.


Current Members

Former Members