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The MSV Jack of Diamonds is a battered old human freighter, modified to better survive the dangers of the Terminus systems. The most notable upgrades include a heavier drive core and expanded weapons systems. The Junebug-class freighter features a single slot capable of accepting most standard-size freight modules. It is currently carrying a light module, less spacious and more tubular in design than the standard-size module often carried by modern Kowloon-class freighters.







Deck 1


The bridge is relatively spacious, and features a total of four seats. The front two face the ship's main controls, as well as looking out across the viewport that wraps around to a limited degree on both sides. The rear two seats are placed so that they can swivel to access wall-mounted computer terminals to each side. One of these seats is covered in a colorful, spray-painted racecar-like motif. A stockless Scimitar shotgun is usually stuck in between the two front consoles.

Ladder Room

The first deck ladder room has a hatch in the ceiling that leads to the ship airlock, as well as doors on three out of the four walls. The last wall houses a compartment full of vacuum-capable suits.


The lifeboat entry is clearly marked in big, red letters. The interior is a cramped, tubular space with a total of eight passenger seats as well as one pilot's chair at the very front. There is a small viewport in the rear door in addition to the larger one in the front.


The galley is one of the more spacious rooms on the ship. A large table, with a corner couch that can easily fit five, and four chairs, sits on the port side, next to a stairway that leads down to Deck 2. On the starboard side is the kitchen, complete with oven, stove, microwave, sink, toaster, coffee maker and cupboards aplenty. A door leads to the ship's food storage. By the table is a viewport that is mirrored behind the kitchen counters.

Main Corridor

The ship's main corridor leads between the galley and engineering, as well as containing the entrances for the crew quarters. Six individual rooms accessed by opening a hatch and climbing down a ladder. The corridor is usually quite warm, and during intense ship activity steam will vent into the corridor - a side-effect of the corridor's proximity to the ship's heat sinks.

Deck 2

Weapons Station

The ship's weapon station doesn't seem to see much use. The room is largely empty aside from the disruptor torpedo tube, the weapons console, and the maintenance panels for the ship's cannons.


The armory is locked, requiring a code to access.


The ship bathroom is simple as the ship has a small crew - a single toilet, sink, and shower as well as a washing machine.


The ship infirmary is by far the cleanest room onboard, as one might expect. The white walls and floor are a stark contrast to the greys and browns of the rest of the ship. There's a single medical bed, several cabinets full of medical equipment, a desk with a laptop on it and a storage closet containing an IV stand, respirator, some limited monitoring equipment and a stretcher. An observation window allows a view of the infirmary from the stairs area outside, and vice-versa.

Lucy and James' Quarters

Pivin's Quarters

Elena's Quarters

Senya's Quarters

The Twins' Quarters

Passenger Quarters


The main engineering section of the ship is two-tiered, with a primary set of control panels on the upper level. Pipes and conduits run to and fro along the walls of the room, and there's almost always a maintenance panel or two open, exposing the wiring underneath. The lighting is both warmer and fainter in this part of the ship, casting the place in a dim yellow light. The ladder in the floor that leads down to the generator has had the surrounding opening widened to accommodate Makk.

Life Support

The ship's life support chamber is dry and warm. It is also wear Makk has taken up residence, as he cannot fit down the ladders to any of the crew quarters. Not to mention he prefers the air, and the relative peace and quiet. He sleeps on a cot, and has a pair of crates for chair and table. Toolboxes, omni-gel canisters, his battle harness and spike thrower, as well as other possessions, litter the room.

Waste Processing

Entry not advisable.

Deck 3

Cargo Hold

The cargo hold is, of course, the largest space on the ship. A suspended walkway and stairs lead up to the rest of the ship, and a large door connects to any attached cargo module. The hold is large enough to fit a shuttlecraft, but it currently has several crates stacked in it, mostly along the walls in order to leave room for the crew's truck in the middle. Along the starboard wall is Elena's haunt. Weapon compontents, spray cans, tools and empty beers are scattered among the smaller crates, and a hulking, partly disassembled cargo-loading mech stands along the wall. An autocannon lies on the floor nearby.

Generator Room

The generator room is cramped, with a low ceiling and warm, thick air. It is constantly filled with the loud hum of the generator. It is also where Wrench lives. Crawling into the tight crevices of the thumping machinery she sleeps safely and securely the only way she knows how.


  • Class: Junebug-class Light Freighter (Retrofit)
  • Manufacturer: Nashan Stellar Dynamics
  • Owner: Lucy Crawford
  • Length: 60m
  • Beam: 20m
  • Propulsion: 4x Model 14 Fusion Torch Engines, 7x H/O Reaction Control Thrusters
  • Drive Core: Argo-class
  • Weapons: 2x Linked Dual Autocannons, 1x Front-Facing Disruptor Torpedo Tube, 3x GARDIAN Hardpoints
  • Attachment: Elkoss Combine Light Cargo Module