Jason Wolfe

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Jason Wolfe
Portrait Jason.png
Alias None
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 29
Birthdate November 14th, 2156
Birthplace Point Loma, California, UNAS, Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 188cm(6'2")
Build Athletic
Hair Short Brown
Markings ???
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light
Occupation Co-Founder of Redrock Agency
Relationships Linda Vasquez (Wife)
Chris Wolfe (Uncle)
Status Active
Player Dante
"You're just a piece of shit past his prime."
Linda Vasquez

Jason is a human who, along with his wife Linda Vasquez, runs Redrock Agency.


Light skinned male with short dark hair and blue eyes. 29 years old. Both of his arms have been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics after an incident in the field. The prosthetics are grey in color and unmistakably synthetic. They continue all the way to his chest where they're anchored into place.


Early Life

Jason came from a long line of military men. His mother died when he was five. His father was a soldier and made it clear to Jason early on that joining the Alliance wasn't an option, it was an honor that Jason needed to uphold. Unfortunately, Jason's father gave his life in the line of duty long before he had the chance to see his son enlist, leaving Jason's uncle to take him in.

Jason's uncle, Chris, wasn't prepared to take care of his brother's teenage son, but did the best that he could. The two didn't get along too well, mostly due to Chris' strict nature, but they managed to coexist for the few years that passed until Jason was old enough to enlist with the Alliance, in no small part due to the fact that Chris' deployments made it so that he wasn't home much.

Once he joined the Alliance, Jason devoted everything to being the best soldier he could, knowing it would've been what his father wanted. The Alliance became his family. For years, he lived and breathed battle, and nothing was more important to him than the Alliance. That is, until he met someone that changed all that. A quarian named Mina.

The Death of Mina

Mina was opposed to Jason's military lifestyle, but accepted his desire to honor his father's legacy. They worked around his frequent deployments and made as much of a life together as they could. During a tour in the Attican Traverse, Jason received news of Mina's death. The only information anyone could provide was that she was shot in some back alley on Omega. Jason fell apart. Losing Mina was the final step on already-thin ice. Numerous trips to an Alliance shrink later and he was staring an honorable discharge in the face. Jason found himself rudderless. Without purpose. Overwhelmed with guilt over Mina which was only heightened by the disappointment he knew his father would see in him for turning his back on the Alliance, Jason nearly drowned in his own misery.

Eventually he was cast a life jacket in the form of an anonymous message providing further insight into Mina's death. It was vague, but accompanying it was a plastic card. Small and blue with a white insignia of the Blue Suns. It was all the motivation he needed. He immediately set out for Omega, leaving behind his old life and throwing away any chance he may have had at reviving his career with the Alliance.

Life on Omega

Jason remained on Omega for some time working as a mercenary as he attempted to uncover the truth behind what transpired to result in Mina's death. The card led him to a batarian enforcer for the Blue Suns by the name of Barkan Dosh'Ka. Cold, brutal, and efficient, Dosh'Ka was the sort of man the Blue Suns turned to when they couldn't leave a job to chance. He was well known for leaving his calling card at the scene with his victims when a statement needed to be made. A small, blue piece of plastic with a white insignia of the Blue Suns. It didn't add up for Jason. Mina would never have gotten mixed up with an organization like the Blue Suns. He needed to go right to the source. Dosh'Ka himself.

As was to be expected, being a washed up ex-soldier surviving on a couple of hours of sleep a night and a blood alcohol level that could probably kill a whale, Jason was little match for the hardened mercenary. But Dosh'Ka didn't kill Jason upon hearing why he was there. There was no credits to be made from it. In fact, he claimed to have no part in Mina's death (Not to mention no idea who she even was) and seemed every bit as interested in getting to the bottom of whoever was tarnishing his (not so good) reputation as Jason. It was an uneasy alliance, but it was the only lead Jason had.

Time passed and Jason made many friends and many enemies during his time on Omega, but he was finding himself no closer to figuring out what transpired on that night in 2183 to take Mina from his life. Caught in a loop of drinking, taking odd jobs to support himself, and hanging out at the local bar as he eagerly awaited any trickle of information Barkan sent his way, Jason's life was once again turned upside down when he signed on for a one-off security gig for an ExoGeni expedition onboard the RSV Evening Star.

The Evening Star and the Security Chief

Onboard the ExoGeni vessel is where Jason was introduced to Linda S. Vasquez. Chief of security and ex-Alliance. It's also where he was introduced to her right hook. The two were at odds almost immediately but had no choice but to co-exist.

What was supposed to be a research expedition turned out to be a thinly veiled attempt at digging into things best left untouched. ExoGeni had uncovered old ruins housing an ancient artifact. By the time the Evening Star arrived, it was already too late. The ExoGeni camp that awaited them was empty, leaving little trace of their whereabouts. With the artifact in tow, the Evening Star packed it up and began their journey home, but it wasn't long before the security team was shown the power of the artifact. Besieged on every side as crew and allies alike were slowly turned into mindless husks only seeking to do the artifact's bidding, Jason and the rest of the security team narrowly survived the harrowing ordeal. In no small part thanks to the heroics of Chief Vasquez.

A (Not So) Sobering Ordeal

Jason's experience with the Evening Star only pushed him deeper into the hole he had fallen into. Some things can't be unseen, and paired with the answers he was still desperately seeking regarding Mina, Jason found himself at an all-time low. He also found himself drunkenly in the arms of the troubled but well-meaning Linda Vasquez.

After a rocky introduction aboard the Evening Star, saying the two were an unlikely pair would be an understatement. But what started as a drunken affair grew into something more substantial than either of them had imagined. Despite being polar opposites in terms of personality, the two had more in common than either of them originally assumed. They were both deeply damaged ex-Alliance soldiers with more baggage than either of them could handle on their own. Their relationship slowly progressed from being a warm body to stave off each others' loneliness to a strong foundation in which the hardships of their past became the glue that bound them together.



Jason is a soldier first and foremost. Despite his often-lighthearted nature, when the going gets tough, he has no problem snapping right into action. He's trained in numerous standard weapon systems and has little trouble adapting to new weaponry on the fly, though he prefers to stick to his Revenant. Given his multiple tours operating in the Attican Traverse onboard an Alliance vessel, he's very at home when it comes to close quarters combat. Clearing ships, buildings and engaging at less than ideal ranges are all second nature to him.