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Kubiko Biorobotics is by far the largest of the corporations that grew out of the ruins of Conatix Industries after the BAaT program was shut down. Founded by senior members of Conatix and headquartered in Tokyo, Earth, Kubiko Robotics focus their efforts on similar fields of study, developing a number of cybernetic implants as well as running more than one privatized biotics program. Watchdog groups have heavily criticized their activities in the biotics research field but no evidence of misconduct has ever been found. They have contracts with the Systems Alliance, and, according to rumors, to more unsavory groups as well, but this has yet to be proven.


Conatix Industries

Conatix Industries was the main investor in the BAaT program, humanity's first effort to understand and study biotics. While initially reliant on accidental element zero exposure, rumors circulate to this day that Conatix eventually started arranging intentional exposures to increase the number of subjects available for research. While much was learned during the BAaT program, and several highly capable biotic individuals were produced, the program was filled with questionable research and training methods, and was shut down after an incident resulting in the death of the turian advisor brought in to oversee training. Conatix folded soon after.


The failure of Conatix Industries was far from final. Several smaller corporations spawned from its corpse, and Kubiko was the largest of these, retaining a considerable portion of the talent that worked at Conatix, as well as much of their research. The cause of human advancement would continue. After the shutdown of BAaT and before the establishment of the Ascension Project the market was wide open for private biotics development. Kubiko seized that opportunity and thrived, and have since expanded further into both cybernetics and genetic engineering.

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