Leyto Pangn

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Leyto Pangn
Founded 2159
Population 40 (2700 in surrounding region)
Leadership ???
Owner ???
Affiliation ???
City ???
Planet Aite

Leyto Pangn is a northern colony close to the continent's coastline. It's the entrance to the northern colonies, its sorrounding lands and mountains grant the colony a small surge in popularity in the late spring for those that aren't quite sick of the snow yet.

The Center

The only commercial building, called The Center by locals, is the old research facility that's been converted into a center for shopping, restaurants and rentable rooms on the second floor. While there are a few apartments, most people that work there hail from nearby colonies and homesteads.

The original owners still have a stake in the building, but they mostly have divested and much of their remaining equipment and laboratories are now shared with prospectors and other researchers interested in finding new ways to exploit the peaceful region.

A few LOKI mechs patrol the outside scanning for threats, but none of them are armed.


The building is of a distinctly salarian design with a balcony going all the way around the second floor. There are some criss-crossing red wood panels covering the outside walls, though in places it has given way to the plain dark gray concrete wall behind.

The balconies that surround the building are not segmented and one could go all the way around. There are some cold-resistant bushes along the railing that bear cyan-gray and blue leaves far into the winter. The tile floor has heating going through it, but a few patches of snow and ice can still be found where these have failed and repairs have been pending for years.

The building has a sqaure C-shape with an entrance on one of the end. The other end has large windows showing a bar with a lounge inside.

First Floor

There is a hallway running the entire length of the building, from the lobby on one end to a lounge on the other. It has a lot of open storefronts like a mall. A few notable things to find that's stuck around for a long time are:

The Market

A large part of the center is reserved for the market, which is where locals sell anything from fish to electronics scrap. A few that can afford bigger fabricators also sell some fabrications here. Also odd jobs can be picked up here, especially at the end of the meager growing seasons. Some also just come here to have a cup of coffee and a chat on days they have nothing better to do.

Snowmobile Rent

Owned and run by a turian, this is the only store offering snowmobile rent. They're paid for in advance with a deposit, and there is a strict deadline for when the turian shop owner wants them back. If he's forced to pick it up himself, the deposit is forfeit. He is quick to deduct from the deposit on the slightest sign of damage.

Wine Prefix

Wine Prefix is a small human-run bar between a snowmobile rent and a grocery store. It's also the only local place to get extranet access without owning equipment to link up to a sattelite. They too are limited as everyone else, and there's a timetable of estimated extranet availability on the wall.

Lynara's Cafe

There is a cafe close to the lounge on the first floor. It has a few tables within its space, but its proximity to the lounge helps with capacity. The menu is consistent, but the remote nature of the colony makes it not very diverse. It is run by an asari matron, Lynara, and her twenty-five year old daughter is often seen working with her. It is only open on some days a week, however.


The clinic takes up its fair share of the space on the first floor, as well, but it's capacity is very limited. The two doctors are employed by corporations operating in the region, and they charge patients for treatment. They try to work out something with patients unable to pay, and in rare cases, drop it altogether.

Second Floor

Stairs leading up to the first floor can be found at each cap of the C-shaped building.

This floor also has a hallway going the whole length of the building, and is entirely used for rentable rooms and accomadation. Most of the rooms are around the same size, about 12m² (130 sq.ft), and has a double bed, a desk, and a cramped en-suite bathroom. The prices are quite high (400/night) due to the lack of competition, and are unsuited for long-term stay.


The colony is fairly sustainable with greenhouses, fishing and hunting, but the natural resources it has on offer aren't very valuable enough to fight over. Commercial interest has mostly been serving researchers and the steadily growing surrounding population coming here to get away from the more conflict-ridden parts of this world.

There is some limited trade with Derrai for medicine and other items that are difficult to get ahold of.


The colony is on very flat fields with marshlands to the south and a mountain range to the north; the latter include some with minimal volcanic activity. That means that winters can get very windy, while the summer side of the year can be relatively pleasant. As pleasant as barely going over the freezing point can be.


Getting there or leaving is a challenge in and of itself for the inexperienced traveller. Some of its current inhabitants braved the diverse and untamed terrain by truck, but airborne crafts got most of them there over the last few decades. Ice-breakers and other heavy duty crafts intended for marine research is also used for moving people and goods to and from calmer seas.


Extranet access is tenous at best, as its northern location makes it hard to reach most communication sattelites. The sattelite thats easiest to link up to runs in a polar orbit, and is unavailable for much of the day. In winter these windows are further reduced by the weather disruptions, though that is mitigated by stronger receiver hardware.

One thing to note is that the commercial building does not offer general extranet access to omni-tools and other personal computing devices, but it's still possible to make payments when in range of the building's uplinks. Locals may not trust bigger payment from visitors while the extranet connection is down, so visitors should plan ahead when renting a snowmobile or purchasing anything expensive.


The Center is generally hands off about governing the region, but they have a small security force to keep the peace. There are only 10 full-time well-equipped security personnel, but they also organize a militia of part-timers or reserves in the region to have greater reach in the event of an external threat; which so far has consisted entirely of dangerous animals encroaching on settled land. They have land vehicles like trucks and snowmobiles at their disposal.

They do not concern themselves with disputes between homesteads and related colonies, however, unless it threatens any corporate sites.