Litae's Grace

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Litae's Grace
Founded ???
Population ???
Leadership ???
Owner Molly Trevino
Affiliation ???
City Freedom Falls
Planet Aite

Sitting on a corner near the edge of town, Litae's Grace is a small dive-bar frequented by the seedier residents of Freedom Falls as well as a safe haven for the mercs and bandits passing through. While the building is technically owned and operated by one of the bartenders, Molly Trevino, most know that Quinn Williams is really in charge. Using the bar as a front for all sorts of sordid activity, Quinn operates out of the backroom and has gained a reputation as someone who is willing to involve himself in just about all manners of business for the right price.

It's a single-floor building, recognizable by its modest sign in the barred-up window displaying the establishment's namesake in neon lettering alongside a neon moon. The bar is dimly lit, owing largely to the lack of windows aside from the two flanking the front door. Most of the interior lighting comes from numerous old neon signs advertising the bar's available beverages, giving the whole place a cheap, washed out look. The counter is a square in the center of the room surrounding a pyramid-like cabinet which holds and displays a myriad of different liquors, allowing the bartenders ample room to walk around the structure and serve drinks on all sides.