Orb of the Revelator

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The Orb of the Revelator is an ancient artifact of unknown origins, associated with the entity known as the Revelator. It was uncovered centuries ago on a planet in the remote Di Yu system by an asari research team. The artifact drove the team to madness, and it would only be rediscovered some twenty years ago when the Di Yu system was colonised by humans. A machine cult, the Children of the Revelator, sprung up, worshipping the Revelator under the leadership of Father Marchal. Redrock defeated the cult, but the artifact was stolen by Cerberus and brought to The Barn. During a later mission, Redrock recovered the orb from the Barn at the behest of the Shadow Broker, however on their way back from the mission they were waylaid by geth, and the artifact came into the possession of the Systems Alliance. Whether the artifact is finally in safe hands remains to be seen.