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The Proto-Adjutants are a rare form of husk that results from the exposure of sapient species to a mysterious nanovirus that was found in an ancient starship buried inside the Ogofau Asteroid Mine. Cultists of the Children of the Revelator recovered the nanovirus from Ogofau at the behest of the mysterious Revelator, later unleashing it on their homeworld of Di Yu IV when their compound was attacked by Redrock. When introduced into a host, the nanovirus mutates the host into creatures that bear a resemblance to the husks that result from Dragon's Teeth, but infected subjects will seek out and consume any element zero in their vicinity, leading to further mutation, including large eezo sacks that facilitate biotic abilities. Another feature that distinguish them from ordinary husks are the injection tubes that sprout from the infected's mouths, enabling them to spread the infection to others.

Their biotic powers and ability to infect others mean that proto-adjutants are considerably more dangerous opponents when compared to ordinary husks. Hopefully, with the destruction of the Children of the Revelator the proto-adjutant threat has been eliminated for good.