Steve Briggs

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Steve Briggs
Alias Thumper
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 35
Birthdate February 2nd, 2150
Birthplace Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 6'1"
Build Lean Athletic
Hair Short Dirty Blonde
Markings ???
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Light
Occupation Field agent for Redrock Agency
Relationships None
Status Active
Player Dante

Steven Briggs is a human who works for Redrock Agency on Aite.


Steven has short dark blonde hair and soft green eyes with light skin. He's usually pretty dressed down, a jeans-and-tshirt guy, but he keeps his iconic yellow Eclipse armor stored in case his past ever manages to catch up with him. He carries himself with a polite demeanor and is quick to respond with a smile, but those closest to him know that hiding just beneath the surface of his quiet, reserved politeness is an animal clawing its' way out.


Born in 2150, Steve was, like many early human biotics, exposed to element zero in the womb. It wasn't until his early teens that he began displaying symptoms. A combination of fear, and the urge to help their only child to better understand what he was going through made enlisting Steven for BAaT an easy sell when Conatix Industries arrived at the door to speak to his parents.

During his three years on Gagarin Station, he kept quiet about the atrocities committed against the students. His recruitment into BAaT made his parents hopeful that their son could have a normal life and that the experience may even, perhaps, present an opportunity for a solid career in the Systems Alliance. It was a hope that Steven wasn't ready to stamp out, so he kept quiet and did as he was told. He was never able to excel at his training which made it an excruciatingly cruel three years at the hands of his supposed 'teachers'.

Once BAaT was shut down, Steven did the only thing that seemed natural at the time. He continued down the path set before him and joined the Systems Alliance. It was only then that Steven began to see the longterm effects of his time at Gagarin Station. His L2 implants caused nearly constant pain and discomfort, and his time in BAaT had made him jaded and bitter towards authority figures. After multiple violent outbursts directed towards squadmates and a superior officer, Steven was discharged. While his parents were disappointed, they were happy to have him home, which was more than one could say about the rest of the neighborhood. It didn't take long for the strange looks and hateful remarks to run him off.

For the years that followed, Steven drifted about aimlessly, picking up odds and ends jobs where he could until he eventually fell in with Eclipse. It finally felt like he had found a place he belonged. He wasn't looked down upon because of his 'defect'. It was a family that accepted him. He was willing to look past the things they asked him to do in order to feel that sense of comradery and acceptance. It tempered him. Calmed him. His outbursts grew more and more infrequent. It wasn't until a botched high profile job that his world came apart at the seams. In an attempt at dodging any retaliation, Steven took off, looking to start new. Freedom Falls represented a chance at an honest life where he could fade into the background.



Although he's a biotic, Steve doesn't have strong control over his biotics. So, while incredibly powerful, they're not entirely reliable and tend to lead to bouts of extreme pain and discomfort due to his L2 implant.



Steve is proficient with numerous small arms as well as long rifles.