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T'Rea Sofware Solutions is a consultancy company located in Armali. They sustain themselves from a range of services in the software development field, even leading some teams in growing companies where they have a meaningful investment and say.


Founded in 2167 by a soon-to-be matriarch on Thessia, T'Rea Software has been a venture with its ups and downs. While the circumstances around their setting up are unclear, several of the original employees were part of another company that had to downscale drastically three years prior to T'Rea software's founding. They have done well enough for themselves, but as they're not part of the major guilds within the field, they're still left with a long way to go.

In 2179, an attempt at starting a division on Illium for less restricted work was made, but Seyinna Systems – as it was called – was shut down again three years later due to a lack of return and a tough market. It harmed their reputation overall, and they would be in a much stronger position today if that hadn't been tracked back to their name.

At the current date, less than a decade after the owner, Laynesa, entered the matriarch stage, it is still going and has a total of 32 employees (19 asari, 11 salarians and 2 turians) on their payroll. While it changed its name to T'Rea Tech Solutions in 2183 after branching out to more than just software, old employees, and even some long-time recurring customers, have often referred to the company by its previous name.


  • Renala T'Iavay used to work there until her divorce with Nalena T'Rea made that difficult.
  • Ilyna T'Rea has next to no contact with this branch of the family, even if the CEO is her aunt.