Tadeusz Wisowaty

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Tadeusz Wisowaty
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Middle-Aged
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Poland, EU, Earth
Current Residence Unknown
Height Short
Build Sturdy
Hair Short Black
Markings ???
Eye Color Gray
Skin Color Light
Occupation Chief Engineer of the RSV Evening Star
Status Dead
Player Tyranniac

Tadeusz was the chief engineer of the RSV Evening Star, an ExoGeni survey vessel that was dispatched on a disastrous mission to an uncharted planet in late 2183. He survived the swarming of the ship by indoctrinated colonists alongside the rest of the engineering staff, but weeks spent trying to survive on the derelict remains of the ship, in close proximity to the ancient artifact drove him and the others to madness. He was killed by a team of mercenaries hired by the mysterious Hunter to retrieve the artifact.