Uvena Atana

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Uvena Atana
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 402
Birthdate October 19, 1783
Birthplace Armali, Thessia
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 171cm (5'7")
Build Full
Hair ???
Markings Green
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Dark Purple
Occupation Redrock Agency Mercenary
Relationships Va'ynna Atana (Daughter)
Status Active
Player Gisle

Uvena Atana is Va'ynna's mother who came to Aite to earn her daughter's forgiveness and help ensure her safety.


She is a 5'7" dark-purple asari bearing faint green markings above her eyes and along the crests. Compared to her daughter, she has a fuller and more well endowed build, which means she is generally considered attractive – or with envy – by other asari in her stage of life.



Uvena is not one to speak of her past much, unless when it's sharing child photos of Va'ynna with Victoria behind her daughter's back. What she has told, however, is that she served in the military for a short amount of time and that she has done security work in her later years.


She failed to make a very good first impression. She had stolen intel from a very well-connected asari investigator who badly wanted it back. Redrock Agency managed to push back her pursuers, but she was forced to pay 40,000 credits to Aylena D'Inea for bringing this trouble to the Respite. Her motivation for stealing this intel is unknown, but her coming to Aite was to protect her daughter.

She later approached the agency about making use of her intel to attack and capture a direct connection to Rellis Darennon: his brother. The mission to Aroste was successful, but his capture did not lead to any more information. After he became more trouble than he's worth, the agency released the salarian and that lead grew cold.


Uvena's first steps onto Freedom Falls weren't the smoothest, to put it lightly. She had stolen some information from someone on Thessia and managed to salvage some of it before it was automatically erased, and the one she stole from was none too happy.

She was chased to the Miner's Respite by two mercs, where she broke into the garage. She was wearing a full suit of armor including a helmet, and it wasn't possible for Va'ynna to recognize her when she was escorted past her after the fight was over. Uvena paid what Aylena demanded for the damages, and would not cause any more trouble to the establishment.

Uvena later went to seek out Redrock Agency for help with a mission to deal with those that shot upon Va'ynna earlier this year. It was a good lead according to the documents that survived the erasure, and Redrock ended up accepting the job. However, they did not want to work with a mercenary without a name and a face, let alone no stated reason, so Uvena was forced to tell the truth. She asked Jason to keep this from Va'ynna, but that was a promise he was not able to keep.

She had a semi-drunken talk with Jason after the mission when things went mad, and after a bit of persusation she agreed to go see her daughter. Needless to say, while time may have healed the wound, showing up at the hospital seems to have reopened it judging by how fast she was told to go away.

Va'ynna did feel bad about it afterwards, and Jason ended up once again as the closest available listener. Va'ynna told him about what she had done, and how she regretted it, but also how she had trouble resting even now that she was out of the hospital and in a locked room.

It was on the night of the same day that Va'ynna, unable to sleep, decided to send her a message. Uvena jumped at the opportunity and took a taxi straight to the Respite to pick her up. Despite how late it was, the two of them talked for hours and she stayed the night at Uvena's apartment. This was a step towards mending their relationship.

The Car

Uvena figured she was in luck when she managed to rent a sky-car out here in Freedom Falls. It was expensive, but the flexibility of an airborne vehicle and not having to learn an entirely new set of controls made it all worth it to her.

That was until the car became someone's closest option to respond to an emergency and it was stolen from her one early morning. She witnessed the theft, and got a good look at the fully armored asari, but was unable to stop her before the car ascended from the ground. Given the unsteady ground she was on with her daughter, this was stress she didn't need in her life.

Making matters worse, the car rental company was not happy when they discovered the car was stolen and demanded a hefty sum of credits from her. No insurance was going to cover this, on either side of the exchange, so the rental company was not going to take this lying down. That number only got bigger as more demands came in.

Uvena got nervous when she saw a turian observing her street, and then her apartment. She contacted Redrock Agency, and they agreed to send Mendez to check on her. The fears turned out to be correct when the turian used his authority with the Marshals to get into the apartment, at the same time as Mendez' shuttle set down.

The turian assailant kicked in the door and made it clear that he was here to collect the debt on the car. He acted on his threat by firing towards the couch Uvena was hiding behind, injuring her. Mendez then overpowered him and brought him to the ground. That said, the confrontation ended peacefully when the turian took Mendez' offer to get out and tell whoever he was collecting for that Redrock Agency was handling this.

That was Uvena's only involvement in this mission, as she was hospitalized while a team within Redrock Agency investigated the car situation. Jason came by, and promised her that she would not owe them a thing as they looked into this. According to him, they did that because of Uvena's connection to Va'ynna, which Uvena did not doubt.

She did meet up with Jason a few days later for a debriefing and to collect the items recovered from her apartment. She was relieved to hear that they had recovered the vehicle, but she did not learn much about what happened. Uvena then left along with Va'ynna and stayed with her for a while until she could find a place of her own.



Uvena served in the military at the start of her maiden years, but retain much of the discipline and precision even centuries later. Not that it hasn't seen practice, as Uvena served on security forces around the more gray worlds of the Terminus Systems like Illium.

Her skillset is, however, mostly centered around suppressing the enemey rather than lethal force or protection. She favors stasis to hold the most dangerous targets still, and it'll last for long enough to reposition. She resorts to throws and shockwaves for crowd control, though the latter is not very good at dealing with heavy targets — also knowns as krogan in armor — unless they're caught unaware.

She can do a personal barrier that'll hold up fine even as she walks to safety, but she cannot extend it to cover others or deny an area.


Uvena is reasonable at close and medium range, and her choice of submachine gun makes her far from useless at longer ranges. She is mostly trained in small arms, and will not do very well with rifles and shotguns.




  • Heavy Armor: Her armor that most have seen is dark-green with orange trims. It bears no visible emblem.