Yan Sun

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Yan Sun
Alias elektrikblue, Kitty Cat
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 22
Birthdate December 2nd, 2163
Birthplace Hong Kong, CPF, Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 163cm (5'4")
Build Thin
Hair Black/Blue Sidecut
Markings ???
Eye Color Brown/Blue
Skin Color Tan
Occupation Unemployed (Hacker)
Relationships Jessica Kaya (Girlfriend)
Sau Sun (Father)
Xiaohui Sun (Mother)
Status Active
Player Tyranniac
"So the kitten packed up and left her home in search of adventure..."
Jessica Kaya

Yan Sun is a hacker from Hong Kong.


Yan Sun is a fairly scrawny young woman with tan skin and medium-length black and blue hair styled in a sidecut. She usually wears blue or white tank tops along with slim-fitting black pants and either a black vest, or gray hoodie. Her most distinctive feature is her cybernetics. Unlike her naturally brown right eye, her left eye is blue, and artificial. When utilizing its augmented-reality functions the eye lights up in blue. Implanted in her left temple is a chip with a direct link to her brain. From this chip runs a series of transdermal circuitry implants that run the entire length of her left arm. Designed for both function and aesthetics, the implants follow an elaborate geometric pattern, and they light up in blue when in use. The further down her arm you go, the more synthetic it becomes, and the easier this is to tell - the lower arm is almost entirely mechanical on the interior, maintaining a layer of flesh and skin on the outside to preserve sensation and appearance. Inside is housed storage for omni-gel and a power cell among other things. Finally, her hand contains a state-of-the-art omni-tool implant, the microfabricator taking up a considerable portion of her palm in the form of a circular metal implant.


Early Life

Yan Sun grew up in luxury. The daughter of one of Hong Kong's richest, Sau Sun, the CEO of SunTech, she was given the best of educations, and anything else she wanted. Many would no doubt have been more than happy with this life, and for a time she was. As the sole heir to the company, expectations to excel were plentiful, and she matched them time and time again. That she would one day take over SunTech was never questioned, and part of her resented having her future decided for her despite her passion for tech and the opportunities such a position would provide.

The Little Dragons

Yan Sun was in the middle of her teens when she met Changying. It was a meeting that would change her life forever. Changying was a rebel, an activist and a troublemaker. She opened Yan Sun's eyes to the struggles of those that lived in the shadow of her father and people like him. The unlikely friends soon grew into more than just that, and over the next few years Yan Sun would spent more and more time with Changying and her friends. Whether driven by her newfound feelings for Changying, a need for adventure and to rebel, genuine sympathy, or perhaps all three, she came to care a great deal about the injustices of her home city, and indeed, the world beyond. She came from a very different background than the others in Changying's little group, which came to call themselves Xialong, "The Little Dragons", but she nonetheless became good friends with many of them, and together they worked in small, some would say petty, ways to stand up to the oftentimes oppressive authorities of the Party and the corps that ruled the city, but they also made efforts to help people in need, through increasingly illegal means. Yan Sun's father was far from happy with her relationship with Changying, or her increasing neglect of her studies and other duties as she devoted more and more time to the Little Dragons, to the point that she rarely returned home, often choosing to stay with Changying rather than face her father's disapproval. She eventually found herself disowned by her father after crossing a few too many lines, and so the Little Dragons became her only home, but that too would not last much longer.

Leaving Earth

After a falling out with Changying, and a subsequent end to their relationship, Yan Sun left the Little Dragons, Hong Kong, and even Earth altogether. She traveled into space, wishing only to get as far away as possible. Some weeks were spent on the Citadel before credits started running low. She took a job as a tech specialist on an ExoGeni expedition, hoping both to earn some credits and to satisfy her desire for adventure. What she found was something else altogether. Jessica Kaya, by all accounts a rude, selfish and extraordinarily difficult woman that had lied about her past to even get a spot on the expedition. Despite all this Yan Sun found herself immediately drawn to her. To her confident and shameless attitude, to her blunt forwardness, and to the glimpses of unseen depths beneath, however hard she tried to hide them away. Jessica had an overwhelming sort of charm, and the affair that started in the confined spaces of the ship during that expedition did not end after they returned to Aite. Yan Sun found herself reluctant to leave this fascinating woman, and she found herself sharing a room with Jessica, who opened up to her in her own ways. They made plans, to travel, together. What they had was growing into an actual relationship, no matter how reluctant Jessica was to admit it. An unstable and ambiguous one, but a relationship none the less.



Yan Sun is a skilled programmer, hacker and computer technician who combines her education at CityU with self-taught skills and a set of advanced cybernetic implants. She specializes in bypassing security systems and VI development. She is able, to some extent, to use her tech expertise for self-defense purposes, but this is such a rare occurrence that she has little practice doing so.

  • Overload
  • Hacking


Growing up in Hong Kong, the use and interplay of language has inevitably been an important part of Yan Sun's life, and she has spent most of her life speaking Mandarin, Cantonese and English in equal amounts, depending on where, and to who, she's speaking.

  • Mandarin (Native)
  • Cantonese (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Galactic Trade (Intermediate)




  • Ocular Implant
  • Cybernetic Arm
  • Neural Implant


  • Custom-Built Cybernetic Omni-Tool (Blue)


  • The current Yan Sun is the third iteration of the character that has been introduced to the RP. The first one was crew member on a freighter and was only used in a single session before being retired. The second version was part of the now-defunct roll20 campaign attempted in 2014.