Zaylus Velrin

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Zaylus Velrin
Alias Zay, Grumpy, Asshat
Species Turian
Gender Male
Age 20
Birthdate December 6, 2165
Birthplace Ket Kala, Altakiril
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 188cm (6'2")
Build Slender
Hair ???
Markings ???
Eye Color Pale Gold
Skin Color Light Gray
Occupation Field Agent at Redrock Agency
Relationships None
Status Active
Player Numairian
"Eh... He's not so bad... I guess."
Jason Wolfe

Zaylus is a turian mercenary working for Redrock Agency.


His skin is a pale gray color while his plates are a much darker shade of gray. The protrusions on his mandibles are quite long and fine while his fringe barely extends past the back of his head. He stands at a relatively unimpressive 6'2" and sports a slender build. Faded white marks denote his home colony, streaking his mandibles and forehead near his eyes, which themselves are a pale gold.

His hardsuit armor is primarily black with deep green accents, and bears no other personalization. His Carnifex is stock with evidence of rough wear.


Early Life

Zaylus was born on the turian controlled garden planet of Altakiril in the year 2165, growing up independent and free-spirited on the freezing Terminus colony. Far from more oppressive military societies on the larger planets, a turian can grow up separate from the rigidly defined disciplinary culture. This inborn defiance and a consistently strained relationship with his family had turned his eyes toward the stars early in life. So, by his 16th birthday, he had up and left the military, as well as his home planet, to see what else the systems could offer him.


Like any naive wanderer of the Terminus Systems, he soon found himself on the Omega station, infatuated by the strange notion of a lawless society of unlimited potential and few regulations. The reality of the station was sobering and daunting to the young turian, and had almost turned him away when he managed to catch wind of a then obscure mercenary organization called the Talons. The group took in the impressionable migrant in hopes of expanding their operation with new members. He took to the life well and proved to be a somewhat valuable member of the operation.

During this time he performed mainly covert, black-ops type missions for the group because of his inherent opposition to close teamwork. In this way, the Talons could have one member carry out operations without directly accounting for them and avoid unwanted backlash. This arrangement suited both parties well for a long time, but tensions began to grow between the cocky young turian and the more experienced mercenaries. The situation remained untenable until an altercation between him and a few superior members rapidly escalated, causing him to beat a hasty retreat off the station with nothing but some funds and a stolen Carnifex pistol. With a limited supply of credits and no intention to return to the station, Zaylus headed into Phoenix Massing to regroup and plan his next course of action.


Zaylus has experience running solo missions from his time in the Omega gangs. This typically included infiltration, subterfuge, or even target elimination. His experience can be roughly translated into a small team dynamic, more likely thanks to his brief turian military training.

He's had his hands on many basic weapon types but now primarily prefers the heavy pistol for close to mid range engagements.