Aeyna T'Rea

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Aeyna T'Rea
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 13
Birthdate July 17, 2172
Birthplace Armali, Thessia
Current Residence Armali, Thessia
Height 133cm (4'4")
Build Child
Hair ???
Markings Faint White 'eyebrows'
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Violet
Occupation Child
Relationships Renala T'Iavay (Father)
Nalena T'Rea (Mother)
Status Active
Player Gisle
"You stop doing whatever that makes it so I can't call you!"
—Aeyna T'Rea

Aeyna is a 13 year old asari living on Thessia. She is the daughter of Renala and Nalena, the former being her father.

The young pureblood has had it challenging after the divorse, and she is inceassantly clinging onto what contact she can have with her father across the galaxy. That her father works for Redrock Agency does little to help her worries, and the challenges of taking a vacation given her current role has lead to recent conversations between them turning bitter.


She's of violet skin with four faint white lines on the brow above each eye, making her resemble her mother more than Renala. She's a little short for her age, standing only at 133cm (4'4")