Crawler Prototype (Drone)

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The drone prototype is a 1.5ft device bearing the shape of a six-legged arachnid. It was created by Renala T'Iavay by hand with mostly standard parts – except for the shell and legs. It had the ability to climb and hold onto certain pillars, like thin tree trunks or metal pipes using magnetic locs. On top, it has a camera sticking out on a flexible stem so that it can change its viewing angle even if the motors fail.

The drone was used during the recovery of the stolen sky-car, where the rainy weather damanged its internal systems. It provided the Redrock Agency reinforcements with a view of the car while they were en route to her location. It was recovered, but Renala has not yet done any repairs on it. It's sitting in a box somewhere in the server room at the agency's office.

Renala does see the potential in a smaller revised device, but her work has not afforded her a chance to work on it. It has a power saving advantage over drones using Mass Effect levitation and kinetic barriers, but a smaller unit would be at a severe disadvantage in uneven terrain.