Fasha Bar'adon

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Fasha Bar'adon
Species Batarian
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthdate 2161
Current Residence None
Height 173cm (5'8")
Build Unremarkable
Markings ???
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Light Orange
Occupation Lord of House Bar'adon (former)
Relationships Grothesh Bar'adon (father)
Ordaza Bar'adon (sister)
Tara (Former Slave)
Status Dead
Player Tyranniac
"You... are an insect. A disease. A coward. And you're not worth the round that we're going to put through your head."
Leah Mercier

Lord Fasha Bar'adon became the head of the batarian House Bar'adon after the death of his father at the hands of Leah Mercier. Leah would go on to kill Fasha as well when he was lured to Aite under the pretense of recovering one of his slaves.


Fasha was an unimpressively built batarian who relied on flashy noble clothing and an exaggerated posture to give an impression of authority. He had light orange skin and a face unmarred by age or battle.



  • Batarian (Native)
  • Galactic Trade (Fluent)


As a nobleman, Fasha was given training in the art of war, but he never took these studies seriously, and was certainly no fighter.