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Tara colored.png
Alias None
Species Human
Gender Female
Age ca 17
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 155 cm (5'1")
Build Small-Framed
Hair Blonde (Very Short)
Markings ???
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pale
Occupation Kitchen Staff at the Miner's Respite
Relationships Leah Mercier (Adoptive Sister)
Fasha Bar'adon (Former Master)
Status Active
Player Tyranniac
"You remind me of my cousin. Her name was Tara. Can I call you Tara? At least until I figure out your name?"
Leah Mercier

Tara is a former slave of the Batarian Hegemony, freed from servitude by Leah Mercier.


Tara is a small-framed girl with pale, scar-covered skin and blue eyes. Since being freed she has started to grow out her blonde hair, which is currently little more than an inch. The net-shaped electrical burns that cover much of her head and shoulder cause gasps in her hair. On her forehead she carries the mark of House Bar'adon, a symbol of circular, old batarian script, both carved and tattooed into her skin. On her left wrist is tattooed a barcode, another ever-present reminder of her past. She favors clothes similar to those of Leah - jeans and colorful shirts, although usually long-sleeved, covering her barcode and many of her scars. In winter she wears a blue puffy jacket and a multicolored tuque.





Tara was freed from servitude by Leah Mercier after the latter killed her master on Omega and took her in. Leah brought her back to Aite when she left Omega, and has been doing her best to give her a normal life. It has been a slow process for her to adjust to freedom, and that journey is far from over. The scars left from her life as a slave are many, both external and internal, and it is the only life she remembers. With no memory of her past before becoming a slave, and no leads on her family, or even her real name, she has found a new life, and perhaps a new family, with Leah and her father. Whether she will be allowed to keep this new life remains to be seen, for the house of her master still hunts her.



Tara has spent a considerable portion of her life as a house slave, cooking and cleaning. Her training started young, and slow workers were punished harshly, so she is remarkably efficient at such tasks.


  • Batarian (Fluent)
  • Norwegian (Rusty)