Jessica Kaya

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Jessica Kaya
Alias Jess, Bam Bam
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 26
Birthdate August 20th, 2159
Birthplace Istanbul, Turkey, Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 168cm (5'6")
Build Athletic
Hair Shaved Black
Markings ???
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Olive
Occupation Resident Demolitions 'expert'
of Redrock Agency
Relationships Yan Sun (Kinda-sorta-girlfriend)
Salma Kaya (Mother)
Omar Kaya (Father)
Martin Kaya (Brother)
Status Active
Player Dante
"She's not the easiest person to talk to. It's worth doing, though."
Yan Sun

Jessica is a human who has spent most of her life on Aite. She grew up in the city of Adrasteia after her family left Earth.


Jessica is olive-skinned and stands at around 5'6. Her most striking feature is the massive amount of burns covering nearly the entire right side of her body. It traces along her right cheekbone, carving an angled line around her eye and up to the side of her head. Her right eye has a milky white color to it, indicating that she's at least partially blind in that eye. The eyebrow is partly missing, burned away by fire along with patches of hair on the side of her head which has lead to her keeping her hair shaved. She usually wears a beige cap in an attempt at trying to conceal some of the damage. The left side of her body, in contrast, is a canvas of tattoos. The most visible of which is a large skull-motif climbing up her arm in a full sleeve that starts at her knuckles, wisps of smoke dancing in and out of an assortment of skulls from all species. Capping the tattoo off, just below her left ear, is a small circle with the Alliance logo inside of it, barely the size of a quarter. More tattoos seemed to have, at one point, decorated the right side of her body as well, but the fire has mostly washed them away, leaving only traces of bright colors peeking out from behind the burns in small patches.

In the field she wears a matte grey hardsuit with the emblem of the Adrasteia Enforcers emblazoned on it.


Early Life

Jessica was born to Salma and Omar Kaya in Istanbul. Her father was a man with few marketable skills for the working world. He made a living by depriving others of their money. He was a thief, a con-man, always caught up in whatever local trouble he could bury his nose in. Truth be told, he wasn't even all that good at that. Already struggling to raise their ten year old son, Martin, the bills and debt began to pile up once Jessica was born. His low-level grifting just wasn't cutting it anymore and you can't support a family by ransacking a few houses. Omar needed something bigger and he had the connections to get in on some action that would keep his family fed for a long time. Unfortunately for Omar, bad thieves leave trails and it wasn't long before he realized he stole from the wrong people. But the galaxy had recently become a whole lot larger, and so it didn't take much for Omar to add 'coward' to his resume. He and his wife sold off all of their possessions and left Earth behind. Omar convinced Salma that it would be an opportunity to start anew. He said he would get it right this time. Get his act together. For Martin. For little Jessica. But what he really saw was a whole new crowd to grift. Another chance to run them into the ground.

Next Stop, Aite

Adrasteia had everything Omar needed to drag his family down with him in a new setting. Same story, different color. Adrasteia was a fractured city, nearly tribal in how its individual groups struggled for control over territory and perceived power, led by those who commanded loyalty. Those who had called Adrasteia 'home' the longest. These groups puffed out their chests and clashed against one another, spilling blood over issues the rest of the galaxy couldn't care less about. It was the perfect place for a con-man. It was also a dangerous place for a con-man. Having spent everything they had just to get to Aite, simple survival didn't even come easy at first. It was during a chance encounter at a local shop that Omar met Aleenin, and if it hadn't been for her then Omar and his family probably wouldn't have lasted very long. Aleenin was an asari who had been in Adrasteia since the beginning and took Omar under her wing, providing shelter for him and his family. Helping them get on their feet. She was both a mentor and a friend to Jessica's father. And eventually the same could be said about Jessica herself.

Those Without Fear Of Death

The English translation for the group Aleenin commanded. Ever the follower, Omar did exactly what followers do. He followed, loyally falling into the role of lapdog for Aleenin and in return his family was taken care of. This was just the way of things for them now. This was their life. Salma wasn't ignorant to the cycle she had seen her husband repeat over and over, but she loved him. She wanted to believe that he would find a way to break this cycle. Days rolled into months and months into years. Salma remained the faithful, silent wife as she watched Martin follow in his father's footsteps even though it gnawed at her from the inside. Her heart broke as Jessica grew up accepting this way of life as the way of life. She saw all of the hope that she had held onto so tightly for Martin and Jessica shrivel up and die.

Life In Adrasteia

Living in Adrasteia was a day-to-day affair. For those at the center of the conflicts, it was dangerous. Often violent, even. But for Jessica, it was just life. Her mother never adapted. Even Martin continued to dream well beyond his position. Of returning to Earth. Making a life for himself. But for Jessica? It was all she knew. And for all of Adrasteia's faults, she made the best of it, even thriving in the dangerous city. Well, as much as one could thrive in Adrasteia. She often found herself smack dab right in the center of the issues Aleenin's group faced, never questioning the asari. Her father was loyal to Aleenin, her brother was loyal to Aleenin, and so she would be loyal to Aleenin. Fighting. Stealing. Robbing. Fucking. Dancing. Partying. Drinking. This was life in Adrasteia as Aleenin and others continued to clash against once another. It was pointless, but to Jessica there was nothing more important. The gang was her family and Jessica would do anything for them. She even helped Aleenin to better position herself as someone worth knowing by learning to produce crude explosives for them to trade with the larger groups. A way to stay relevant and out of the crosshairs.

A Cross To Bear

There was always a new reason to fight in Adrasteia. As these things tend to go, knocking down one power-crazed warlord or drug-slinging gangster just created a power vaccuum for another to rise up and take their place. Because of this, when Bryan Cross rolled into town promising to put an end to the fighting, nobody batted an eyelash. Just another person trying to sieze control. Unfortunately for the rest of Adrasteia, Cross had the financial backing to make good on his promises. With him came an army of well trained soldiers armed with military-grade weaponry calling themselves the 'Enforcers'. Cross offered an olive branch by reaching out to the larger groups controlling Adrasteia and offering them an opportunity to join the Enforcers. To help him turn Adrasteia around. Most laughed in his face.


Aleenin wasn't stupid. While everyone else turned a blind eye to Cross, she saw the writing on the wall. This was the civilized world coming to swallow Adrasteia up. Kicking and screaming if it had to. Aleenin's group was small compared to many of the others. It had always been small, just a couple blocks of territory. And power was never something she wanted. For all the bad she may have done, she simply saw her people as the cliff standing against the tide of Adrasteia. Doing what they must to survive. She cared for her people. Protected them even. So when Cross reached out to her, she accepted his offer on behalf of 'Those Without Fear of Death' with open arms. To Jessica, Aleenin may as well have spit in the rest of their groups' face. This group- this gang- was Jessica's family. They had fought whatever came their way and Jessica sure as hell wasn't about to back down to some rich council space asshole in a suit. She opposed Aleenin's decision. Even organized the other members in her apartment complex, convincing them to stand with her. Omar had never been prouder. When Cross sent a group of Enforcers to talk with her, Jessica had little interest in hearing anything they had to say. Her and her people attacked the Enforcers unprovoked, slaughtering them without warning. It was a show of power. It was a message directly from Jessica to Cross. "We're not backing down."

The Danger Of Pride

As one would expect, Cross didn't react well to having his people killed. But the situation presented a unique opportunity for a power play of his own. He ordered his Enforcers to surround the building and set fire to it with everyone trapped inside. The reason was two-fold. It would both put an end to the splintered group before things could further escalate, and it would show the rest of Adrasteia that he was more than just talk. The plan worked and Jessica's people would have burned down to the last man had it not been for a small service tunnel she dragged herself through. A large portion of her body was left with intense burns, but she was still breathing. The rest of her family, however, wasn't so lucky. While Jessica lay in a bed recovering, a large portion of Adrasteia began folding like a bad hand at the poker table. And those who refused to submit were ran off by the ever-expanding reach of Cross' Enforcers. An impressive feat that all started with Aleenin.


Coming Soon!



Jessica isn't a soldier. She's not a crackshot. But she's had enough experience on the streets of Adrasteia to hold her own. There's little flare or technique to the way she fights, but she gets the job done and isn't afraid to fight dirty.


Growing up in Adrasteia, Jessica was subjected to a wealth of alien languages among her peers while Turkish was the most commonly used language among her family.

  • Turkish (Native)
  • Batarian (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Galactic Trade (Intermediate)
  • Asari (Beginner)


Jessica was paramount in her gang's survival. For all of her flaws, and despite how she may seem outwardly, she's more astute than she lets on. She picks things up quite quickly. When the larger groups around Adrasteia began leaning on her gang, she concocted a way to keep their gang valuable to the others by learning to produce explosives. What started as survival developed into a hobby and she has grown quite comfortable around all manner of things that go BOOM.