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Alias Li-Rex
Species Human
Gender Female
Age ca 7
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Cultist Compound, Di Yu IV
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 122 cm (4'0")
Build Child
Hair Long Black
Markings ???
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Dark Tan
Occupation Child
Relationships Ilyna T'Rea (Adoptive Mother)
Status Active
Player Tyranniac

Li is a young child that was rescued from a cultist compound by the Redrock Agency, and later adopted by Ilyna T'Rea.


Li is a small human child with long, straight black hair with bangs. She has dark tan skin and brown eyes. She tends to wear simple but colorful dresses.


Life in the Cult

Li was born to a couple of colonists from New Longhai, a primarily Chinese colony in the remote Di Yu system. Her parents had joined the cult of Father Marchal, the Children of the Revelator, before her birth, and as such she was brought up in the cult's compound. It was an abormal upbringing on a bleak world, and her future was set from the start. Or it would have been, had Redrock not stormed the compound that was her home and killed everyone she had ever known, aside from her fellow children.

A New Home

Li was brought, along with the other cultist children, to Aite, under the care of Ilyna T'Rea. She was the youngest among them, and adapted quickly to their new home. She seemed to hold no resentment over what had happened to her parents, unlike some of the older children. She quickly found herself very attached to Ilyna, and when one of the other children tried to attack the asari in her sleep at the behest of the eldest child, Li defended her new caretaker with deadly results. The other children were handed over to Citadel authorities not long after this gruesome incident, but Li remained with Ilyna, having become inseparable from the alien she came to call her new mother.

The Last Child

Having survived the destruction of the cult, Li's biological mother, Mingxia, made her way to Aite aboard a captured freighter, kidnapping her daughter with the intention of delivering herself and Li to the Collectors that serve one of the Revelator's kin. Redrock stopped this plan and rescued Li, putting her mother down for good. The experience has left inevitable scars in the mind of the young girl.



Li grew up with her family in Father Marchal's cultist compound. Her family were from the local colony of New Longhai, and as such she speaks only Mandarin.

  • Mandarin (Native)


Li is an expert dinnosaur.