Mian T'Veki

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Mian T'Veki
Alias Mi'
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 100
Birthdate September 12, 2085
Birthplace Omega
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 161cm (5'4")
Build Stocky-ish
Hair ???
Markings Sharp Red
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Dark Blue
Occupation Militia Corporal
Relationships Ehanis Tioran (Roommate)
Status Active
Player Gisle
"Born there, huh? I have a friend that was, she turned out completely fucked in the head."
Ehanis Tioran

Mian is a freelance mercenary and militiawoman living with Ehanis in a tiny town a short drive from Freedom Falls.


Mian is a dark-blue asari with a mix of faint and stark red markings, the latter sharp enough to appear artificial. She stands at 5'4" and have a more stocky build than the average asari. She signed on with the militia in October 2185, but she had helped them out in the past when she were itching for a fight.


Meeting Ehanis

Around thirty years ago, she met a pampered Illium brat fresh off the ship pursed by batarian thugs that figured her for an easy score. However, Mian did not expect Ehanis to actually fight back, and she looked wide-eyed as Ehanis incapitated one and threw the other over the nearby railing with a biotic throw. It was clumsy and paniced, but Mian saw the potential in her. She intervened and took out the remainder of them. That marked the start of their 'professional' partnership.

Moving to Aite

Ehanis managed to convince her to go to Aite after Omega became a little too unstable for the mercenary pair to handle. It didn't take long after the decision was made until she had sent Ehanis ahead to set them up with somewhere to live. The move came at the cost of their network, however, and Mian took a simple security job near where she lived.

Joining the Militia

Mian was present during the attack by Rellis' group to extract Jelvan Darennon from Redrock Agency's captivity. She was not in the Militia then, only tagging along with a friend and neighbor who was there as a sniper. It lead to her joining the Militia, as it was a way for her to fill the distinct lack of violence in her new Aitian life.

She had established herself within the militia by the time a group of assassins had attempted to take out the owner of Miner's Respite. She was too late for the fighting, sadly, and instead surveyed the situation to report back to the Sergeant leading the mission.

Anywhere but Here

Only a day after Ehanis returned from the mission to rescue Li, she suddenly ran away. Mian may have seen that coming, since she called Ilyna the night before, but the other asari did not answer. Ilyna cited the previous calls from Mian as a reason for declining the call.

After attacking Ilyna the following day when she came to investigate the apartment, Mian drew the attention of Redrock and they sent a team to her apartment to apprehend her. Despite putting up a fight, she was both outmatched in preparedness and size and was thus detained. No injuries were sustained in that fight, except to Mian's ego.



Her biotics, while crude, are powerful beyond her age. She prefers charging to close the gap and biotically enhanced punches to bring the point home. She can also do a half-decent throw at medium distance and non-combat telekinesis.


Mian perfers getting up close and personal with the enemy, making shotguns the obvious choice. She can use other weapons to some effect, but her aim leaves a lot to be desired at anything past close range.


For much of her childhood, she has had no asari in her life that she stayed with long enough to teach her any languages more sofisticated than her father's. She also learned a batarian language to be able to speak with a lot of natives, including related obscure dialects that trip up translators. She's had a chance to practice the trade language with Ehanis over the last 30 years.

  • Krogan (Native)
  • Batarian (Intermediate)
  • Galactic Trade Language (Intermediate)