Ehanis Tioran

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Ehanis Tioran
Ehanis Tioran - Portrait - Infobox.jpg
Alias Hannis
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 95
Birthdate June 6, 2090
Birthplace Serrice, Thessia
Current Residence ???, Aite
Height 170cm (5'7")
Build Lithe
Hair ???
Markings None
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Pale Sky-blue
Occupation Redrock Agency Mercenary
Relationships Ilyna T'Rea (Sister)
Mian T'Veki (Roommate)
Sioria Felcolus (Friend)
Status Active
Player Gisle
"What you need to concern yourself with is keeping your snark secured and doing your damn job."
Linda S. Vasquez

Ehanis is a young asari mercenary living in Erantha, a small town within Freedom Falls's territory. She worked for Redrock Agency until she disappeared following the rescue mission to save Li.


She have a pale sky blue skin color. She has a very youthful face, which doesn't lend her much authority in her work as a mercenary. Her crests are of the same color and well kept with few discolorations. Ehanis has no facial markings, which might make recognizing her a challenge for an alien unskilled in the art of distinguishing asari. She is also not that tall for an asari; standing at 170cm / 5'7".



A daughter of an asari programmer and a former turian combat engineer, she had a quite easy childhood living in Serrice. She lived in the moment as a kid, not really doing well in education – lacking a long-term goal. She had an interest for biotics from an early age, and her father took her to the Range quite a few times – how turians bond with their kids, she figured. At around age forty, she left along with her mother and father to Illium, something which eventually severed her connection with family back on Thessia, including her half-sister Ilyna.


Like many maidens around the age of sixty, she made her way out to see the galaxy beyond, and made the terrible decision of going to Omega. Her mother understood her, but her father argued against it. She listened to her mother, but it was her father that was right, for it took only days before she had her first close call on Omega after leaving the hotel unprepared for the dangers the gloomy streets on Omega posed. With a great deal of luck and a helpful bystander, she got out of the situation.

One might argue this friend was a mixed blessing, even if her interference saved Ehanis' life, for it was what set Ehanis on the path to becoming a mercenary. It wasn't a lose for the other asari, either, as a partner to watch your back is invaluable as a merc on Omega. Over three decades later, they were still doing that sort of work, but they kept out of meddling with big names and others that would lead to severe repercussions. Just enough to get by – plus a few drinks.

Somewhere on the latter half of 2183, Ehanis got to meet her sister again on Illium while staying at her mother's apartment. It wasn't the best reunion considering what was going in in her sister's life at the time, but in the end, they promised to not let them be drifted apart again. Ehanis occasionally visit her sister's family on Thessia, as well. She stayed with her job, sometimes even getting into arguments with her sister about it.

With the plague and increased gang activity that marked the middle of 2185 – and getting shot after by a little-too-paranoid Blue Suns sentry when on a job near their territory – she decided it was high time to leave that shithole for good. She traveled for a few days around the Terminus Systems, but seeing that she couldn't keep that up in the long-term, decided to try out a town her sister has talked about: Freedom Falls. At least, until Omega went back to how it was before.



The new place felt like a vacation at first much more than a new life for her, and that's how she treated it. She let loose, partied, slept with near-strangers, everything the older asari maidens likes to deny that asari maidens do. She may still do many – if not all – of these things, but the tone of her stay here has changed drastically.

Ehanis met a turian woman early on, and the two of them got quite close at one point. Ehanis prefers to keep people at an arms length. Even those she ends up sharing a bed with on one or two occasions. Ehanis has been less inclined to reach out to her lately, for reasons she has not explained.

She, along with Sioria, got interested in the local mercenary company Redrock Agency and decided to apply. However, one of them were close friends with her sister, so her employment has been rocky from the start. Jason always made sure to clear everything with her sister and Ilyna was not going to let her get the really exciting jobs.


She really got what she wished for when Vasquez wrote her up on the roster for the expedition to Rakhana without talking with her sister about it. That had put Ehanis firmly in the middle a conflict between her sister and the agency, as well as forced Ilyna to be more active in reaching an agreement with her. Both being stubborn in their ways, that may take a while.

It wasn't all great that she finally got what she wished for, however, because that job went to hell fairly quickly. When it seemed to have gone really well, a conflict between the drell researchers and the researcher representing the Council's interests Namira D'Ralis resulted in the researchers shooting her and fleeing the scene. There's few things Ehanis hates more than backstabbing employers, and she wasn't going to let them get away with it.

Another thing that still bothers her about the mission was the terrifying creature that almost ate her whole. She managed to stop it in the last second by feeding it a warp field, causing it to retreat. The item she risked everything for turned out to be worthless, as far as she knows. She was and still is reluctant to talk about it, and Ilyna hasn't heard a peep of it from her. And the drell told her that the 'Rakhana Maw' wasn't a thing, the liars.

Then there's the split-up near the end of their stay there. While it turned out to be a waste of time, she agreed then that Jason was stupid for betting everything on Seriah's lead. She also failed Steve Briggs when she and Nathan had to flee the scene without him. Which they barely did after Ehanis performed the stunt of jumping onto a moving vehicle.

The trip back wasn't smooth, either. They could not bring anything with them and Nathan was too stubborn to follow her instructions, not believing his stupid excuses. At least he got spooked by a the second 'Rakhana Maw' contender, a great serpent living in the rocky maze. The eventually reached their destination and reunited with the rest of the agency's forces who had found a small group of surviving Eclipse mercenaries.

After the timely rescue and extraction by the Siren's Call, she reuined with her sister. The trip home was quite awkward as her sister did not want to leave her out of sight for any longer than necessary.

After the mission, Ehanis and Nathan were rightfully concerned that Steve would seek revenge for being abandoned out there when things got too heated. They were civil to one another the next time they met, however, so she had reason to let her guard down.


Things seemed to have returned to normal after the mission to Rakhana. Ehanis was a little easily provoked by her sister, but that wasn't much out of the ordinary given the two having a lot to work through after the fifty years of silence.

Her mother showed up ahead of Jason and Vasquez' wedding without any warning; it must have been Ilyna who invited her. The matriarch managed to drag her out of the apartment the night before to get her a dress, and helped her put it on the morning after as this was a two-person job. Ehanis did not like it one bit, but her annoyance is probably why Vynira kept at it. Thankfully she was left alone for most of the evening.

Whether things would actually improve between them after this was unclear, and there was not enough time to find out.


Ehanis sprang into action at the call for help from Vasquez that late November night, as it seemed a perfect opportunity to tag along on another job before Ilyna could intervene. Little did she know that Ilyna turned out to be the closest thing this job had to a client.

Her involvement was indeed met with protest from Ilyna, but Ehanis did not heed her calls to stop. Ilyna was also in a reduced state from the cold exposure and Ehanis was dead set on going with the crew. Jason also declined to get involved. The boarding ramp closed before Ehanis could be persuaded or thrown off the ship, and her role in this was then decided.

Ilyna tried to give Ehanis some lessons in biotic barriers to pass the time, but that was met with little success as Ilyna could not muster enough patience. Outside of that, Ehanis stayed out of Ilyna's way on the first leg of the trip and instead socialized with the other crew.

Ehanis did not turn out to be best equipped for the challenges that awaited them on this mission. While some of the others have met these monsters years prior, she had only heard stories. At one point during the mission she put the entire team in danger by getting the way of Oxaris Ortoratus's stealthy takedown on the Collector Ship.

Despite that, the Redrock crew managed to hold their ground and free the civilians trapped in the pods, including Li who was about to be transported away along with two others. Here Ehanis could contribute more, as her biotics proved very effective at dealing with the collectors as most were soft targets. She also helped soften up a locked door with a warp field so Nathan Tennhausen could breach it, but by that point she was close to spent.

The victory of being reunited with Oxaris was short-lived as the collectors started pouring in from all directions. Whatever time their stealthy entrance had saved was now up. Ehanis wasn't instrumental in their escape the same way Nathan and Ilyna were, but she was another gun in their efforts to carve a path through the collectors.

All of Redrock Agency got out from the Collector Ship, but there were losses among the Jack of Diamonds' crew as well as some of the free captives. There was a confrontation with a husk that had come back to life to taunt them, which was enough for her to dismiss her post at the first convenience to seek out something with enough alcohol to numb her.

The trip home was tense, with everyone exhausted and shaken by their experiences. The Jack's crew had suffered the worst losses, including the captain's husband. Ehanis had gone through a whole flask of the vodka before lying down on the engineering floor, so she wasn't faring any better.

Ilyna tried to talk with Ehanis in one of the rare moments she wasn't with Li, but she was not interested.


After the Jack set down in Freedom Falls, everyone went home. Ilyna was busy looking after Li, and Ehanis stayed out of everyone's way. That is, until she showed up at Redrock HQ on the 3rd of December to exercise. Linda Vasquez was with her, and was the only one who received her informal resignation before she went to shower and leave.

Vasquez had assumed Ehanis told Ilyna about it, and was surprised to learn otherwise when she went to see Ilyna a few hours later. Ilyna went to investigate Ehanis apartment, but a violent encounter with the other resident meant she could not gather any information from that. She spared Vasquez crucial details for fear of small ears overhearing her, which lead to the threat Mian posed not being taken seriously until Ilyna told Halisi at night.

They brought a resisting Mian in for questioning that night. If one is to believe her words, Ehanis has been annoying to deal with since coming home, and it was outside Mian's experience to fix that. She had reached out to Ilyna for help, but that was a bridge she had burned before according to Ilyna, and the call was instantly rejected. After a fruitless search through the apartment, the trail ran cold.

The only sign of Ehanis since then has been a message sent to Jason on the 9th of December giving an update on how she is doing. She was sparse on details about her whereabouts, but the attached picture show her being an a boat about to leave port. The moon and ring in the background gave away that she has not traveled off-world. What she made abundantly clear is that she is resigning from her job at Redrock, and that she is expecting payment for the last job. Ehanis could not promise regular contact, offering the inconsistent extranet access on other parts of Aite as the reason why.



Ehanis has received non-miliatry training in biotics and her thirty years on Omega has given her time to practice it. Her biotic skillset is fairly diverse, and more than one can expect from an asari her age. Her biotics hit fast and hard, but she's not able to keep it up for a prolonged engagement.

Her warp fields are the strongest, and she does not stay her hand if she believes they are the best tool for the current situation. It does wear her out quicker than her other abilities, but she is too short tempered to plan too many minutes ahead when outnumbered.

Her telekinetic fields aren't very precise. She can push a target or object hard, but anything more involved than that is only suited for light objects like bottles.

She can cover herself with a close-range barrier in her sleep, and can extend it far enough to not interfere if she remains stationary. That does give her the ability to provide cover for another person standing behind her. Ilyna has tried to teach her to extend a barrier further, but so far Ehanis has not managed to pull that off.

Ehanis can also stop a single target in their tracks with a stasis field, but the lack of investment in these fields means that it will only buy two to four seconds. She cannot control for this duration, which diminishes the tactical value of it.


She can use small weapons like pistols and submachine guns, but as she prefers biotics, her accuracy and precision with weapons is not very impressive.


The asari has lived on Omega for a long time, where communication is very difficult as automatic translation cannot keep up with all the obscure languages spoken. She learned enough of the krogan tongue spoken there to converse with Mian without translation.

  • Asari (Native)
  • Turian (Native, Rusty)
  • Galactic Trade Language (Intermediate)
  • Krogan (Conversational)