Nakmor Garr

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Nakmor Garr
Species Krogan
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Tuchanka
Current Residence Vagabond
Height Tall
Build Bulky
Markings ???
Eye Color Yellow
Skin Color Light Brown
Occupation Battlemaster
Status Inactive
Player Mevanna

Garr is a krogan battlemaster that has aided Redrock on many of its missions.


Garr is a large krogan, as one might expect of a battlemaster. He wears a heavy red hardsuit into combat, although it requires frequent replacement.


Garr first met the people that would later form the core of Redrock on Omega, in 2183. While he was never particularly close to any of them he struck up friendships of a sort with Jason Wolfe and Ilyna T'Rea, often hassling the latter to share her 'curse' with him. He was often hired on when the fledgling Redrock needed additional, reliable firepower, and has saved the day more than once.



As a battlemaster, Garr has centuries of experience in every conceivable kind of combat, although his specialty is undoubtedly hand-to-hand fighting.


Garr is a powerful biotic, proficient in aggressively charging and using his biotics to pummel his enemies into a pulp.