Natalie Wood

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Natalie Wood
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 28
Birthdate 2157
Birthplace UNAS, Earth
Current Residence Unknown
Height 179cm (5'10")
Build Slightly athletic
Hair Dirty-blonde
Markings ???
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Pale
Occupation None
Status Active
Player Gisle

Natalie Wood is a human woman who was witness to a murder investigated by Wenera Leren. She is currently in Freedom Falls, where the asari had managed to track her down.


Natalie is a slender, athletic woman with dirty-blonde hair.


Common Enemy

What is known about her past is that she lived in a small village within Raelos' influence. What drove her to leave is unknown, but her brief conversation with Jason implies that she may have been more than just a witness by coincidence.

Natalie had met up with Wenera in Freedom Falls within the next weeks after the asari spoke with Jason in Miner's Respite, and the two of them are currently waiting for Sala to make her next move.


Combat / Weapons

She has some informal training using pistols and shotguns, but she has never been in actual combat scenarios.