Wenera Leren

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Wenera Leren
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 71
Birthdate December 23, 2113
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 162cm (5'4")
Build Small
Hair ???
Markings Faint blue (cheeks)
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Dark Blue
Occupation Investigator
Relationships ???
Status Active
Player Gisle
"I have a thing on my backlog. A little annoyance. You sort that out, I promise I'll leave your precious friend alone."
Sala Piros

Wenera is an asari investigating a murder that happened in Raelos, and that investigation has taken her to Freedom Falls. She is for the most part an unknown, having left few trails back to her employer.


She is a dark-blue asari with a slightly brighter shade of blue around her face. She has faint blue markings on her cheeks. She's a rather small person, appearing way too young to be doing what's doing by asari standards.



Jason Wolfe and Victoria Steels first heard about her when they were investigating the only lead they had on Sala Piros who was involved in Va'ynna Atana's kidnapping. They were asked to restrain her, but Jason opted instead to warn her and exhange information.

Wenera came to Freedom Falls to search for someone named Natalie Wood, who she thought could know more about the murder in Raelos that her employer had taken interest in. By the time Jason spoke to her, she has not found who she's looking for. Aylena mentioned that she had spoken with another Redrock Agency mercenary the day before, and her contact information was delivered via her.

She eventually found Natalie without Redrock Agency's help, and moved in with her somewhere in Freedom Falls. Jason only knew about it when he called her after returning from the Rakhana job, as Natalie was the one to accept the call. At the time of the call, there has not been any traces of Sala Piros, and they agreed to warn one another were that to change.