Nathan Tennhausen

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Nathan Tennhausen
Nathan Art.png
Alias Nate, Tenn
Species Human
Gender ???
Age 29
Birthdate February 11th, 2156
Birthplace Hamburg, Earth
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 182cm (6'0")
Build Lean, Muscular
Hair ???
Markings Gunshot wound over his heart, burn mark on his side
Eye Color Grey
Skin Color Slighty tanned
Occupation Redrock Agency Explosives Expert, Armourer
Relationships Sofia Tennhausen (Sister)

Leah Mercier

Status Active
Player Bowe

Nathan is a human working at Redrock Agency.


Nathan is a somewhat tall man, standing at 6'0". His complexion is weathered, making him look slightly older than he is. His skin is tanned, darkened from a life of outdoor activity. His hair is black, although the roots show signs of silvering. His eyes are a thunderous grey colour. He is mostly clean-shaven.


Early Life

Nathan is the son of Earnest and Elisabeth Tennhausen. His father was a military man, whilst his mother was a teacher over from England. Despite being the only boy amongst four children, Nathan grew up being close to his two older and one younger sisters. Nathan led a rather quiet life, doing well in school and picking up rather artistic hobbies, such as music, where he became quite adept with the violin and piano. He shared this hobby with his younger sister, Sofia. His two older sisters, Ada and Adal, signed up to the military just like their father did whilst Nathan was still in secondary school. During his time there, he excelled in the sciences and briefly mused with the idea of becoming a teacher like his mother. However, upon reaching eighteen, Nathan left Earth with his friend, Zach, to go and explore the stars.

To the Stars

The duo left to explore, with wanderlust in their veins and ideas bouncing around inside their minds. A life of adventure, exotic locations and seducing women with their tales of bravery! Instead, they worked in a factory for two years, living in a prefab and earning enough to get by. It certainly wasn't what they were expecting, but every story has to start somewhere. During that time, Nathan earned his 'Mech-pilot' certification and Zach earned his 'Shuttle-Pilot' certification. One day, during a particularly slow day, a shuttle touched down bearing the insignia of the Sandbeck Enforcement Agency. The recruiter spoke volumes about Sandbeck and, with each word, Nathan and Zach were pulled deeper and deeper into it. They left that very same day and, within the year, became Sandbeck Enforcers.

Across the Galaxy

Zach ended up in the Sandbeck fleet, aboard the frigate 'Inigo'. Nathan, however, joined the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team where he discovered his true talent. He seemed to have a natural talent with explosives of any kind and began to volunteer with the Sandbeck demolitions team. He spent many years with Sandbeck, even having a relationship with the leader of 'Reaper' team. However, he entered a steady spiral downwards after a mission that went horribly wrong. It was on that day, Nathan tasted death and was scarred by the events of the mission. Not far down the line, an unfortunate failure in a mission led to his discharge from Sandbeck and he left, becoming a mercenary within the Terminius.



Nathan has nothing to boast about in regards to tech. He knows a few basic hacking routines in regards to opening some locked doors. And he can fix your toaster if needed. However, he does exhibit some skill when it comes to engineering, mostly due to maintenance on his motorbike and occasionally assisting the Sandbeck Mechanised Brigade in his spare time.


Nathan's skill in demolitions is unparalleled. It takes him only a few moments to analyse a situation and provide the appropriate solution to sorting it through explosive creativity. He is capable of turning a horizon into a smoking ruin, reducing a building to rubble or striking critical points against armoured vehicles and personnel. And whilst he is capable of destruction, he is also very skilled with preventing it. He has yet to come across an explosive he cannot disable nor find a way to safely disarm, remove and, if needed, reuse.

His skills with demolitions range from the simple grenade, to the venerable M-100 grenade launcher, to even operating a turret on an armoured vehicle.


Nathan is a trained soldier, by all accounts. Sandbeck employed ex-military to train their Enforcers and it clearly shows. Nathan demonstrates a reliable ability with rifles and pistols and even a degree of control with shotguns. He has had training with a sniper-rifle, but has never truly used one to a lethal effect and, as such, never mentions it.

Nathan is also trained in basic Close Quarters Combat, utilising a knife hidden within his armour or, in some cases, his pistol as an extension of his arm.




  • Grenades
  • Variable explosives