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Redrock HQ map

Ilyna's Office

Ilyna has the corner office in the first floor hallway closest to the stairs. The office has not changed much over the months of her employment there, but some changes has been made since the "sad" state it was in back when Ilyna first showed it to Li. The office has a small table with two chairs next to the window opposite the door – in addition to her desk. There are also mostly opaque curtains set up, but they're rarely drawn shut except for the brightest of sunny winter days.

There is a black steel frame with a short cable segment next to the door, allowing Ilyna to physically disable the local surveillance systems. Renala went along with her request without protest, though she has given Ilyna a few frustrated reminders about needing to disable it on her terminal before yanking the cable.

Renala's Office

Renala T'Iavay is the only employee with her own office that is not part of the management. Hers is through the last door on your left before entering the hangar on the first floor. The office has no windows, and is lit by ceiling lights and many screens. The VI core / server room is only accessible through her office.

The most prominent feature of the room are the two tall screens on the opposite wall, and the grid of nine on the left. The former two show the status of every system managed through the orchestration system and the nine show surveillance feeds from the halls and major rooms. Renala's workstation is a desk with a terminal atop it with a dresser beside her with drawers filled to the brim with parts and tools.

Uvena Atana is the only other person allowed to unlock the office, but she does not have access to the VI core.

VI Core / Server Room

Beyond Renala's office is the server room. The mainframe is an imposing sight covering much of the opposing wall. It's design is simple to the point it could be mistaken for a refrigerator, but in place of food is racks of identical-looking hardware and the support element – a foldable terminal that can be pulled out. It handles the VI and security system, while other tasks like storage and communication is handled by other machines that sit in the racks.

The LOKI mech that Renala fixed up at the beginning of the year in order to learn its secrets is sat gathering dust the corner to the immediate left.


The office is equipped with a high-end VI and security system to go with it, which is supported and maintained by Renala T'Iavay. Fergus has eyes and ears in most of the building save for the showering area of the locker room and the apartment's bathroom. He is thus able to track and communicate with any person on site.

The easiest way to interact with the security system is to give verbal commands to Fergus, but the office terminals and some omni-tools can access them; otherwise any Fergus downtime could take the whole building's security with it.

Fergus records an immense amount of information in addition to the security feeds raw output, and could answer the most frivolous queries like who took the last beer from the rec room fridge. Most of this data is erased after a few days, however, leaving only data for coarse grained analysis; that means, for example, that it could answer when a specific person walked between two rooms last Thursday, but not the exact amount of steps they took to get there.


Normal Operation

  • Fergus is able to open the door to Ilyna's office upon spotting Li, but the asari has instructed him to not do so unless she asks.
  • Only Jason, Vasquez, Renala, and to a lesser extent Ilyna can change security rules.
  • All employees are able to log into any terminal in the shared office space and get their documents.
  • Only hallway and shared spaces are shown on the screen, or Jason, Ilyna and Vasquez' office terminals.
  • Jason, Ilyna and Vasquez are allowed to escalate the security level
  • Jason, Ilyna and Vasquez can temporarily permit selected employees to escalate the security level.
  • Employee's files cannot be accessed by anyone but the owner.
  • Weapon systems do recognize Militia IFF signatures are friendly.
  • Fergus will announce any suspicious activity to all on-site managment, or all employees if none are present.
  • Ilyna, Jason and Vasquez can suspend the surveillance systems in their personal offices, but they'll be unable to talk with Fergus. The speakers are still active, however, so Fergus can give them announcements.
  • Jason and Vasquez can lock and unlock any door in the building.
  • Ilyna can lock and unlock doors to shared areas, as well as the main entrance.
  • Renala can change everything from her office, they'll just have to trust that she'll use her sysadmin powers for good.

Emergency Level 1

  • Interior weapon systems are engaged
  • All cameras are accessible at the office terminals for anyone that had access to a subset of them.
  • Suspensions of surveillance systems in personal offices are overridden
  • All recorded data is flagged as critical, and will not be automatically trimmed down later to save space.

Emergency Level 2

  • Exterior weapon systems are engaged
  • All security cameras are accessible by omni-tool to every employee of the agency.
  • Jason, Ilyna and Vasquez can deny access to cameras to specific employees.