Shyva'Nahl nar Tesleya

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Shyva'Nahl nar Tesleya
Alias None
Species Quarian
Gender ???
Age 20
Birthdate June 23rd, 2165
Birthplace the Tesleya, Flotilla
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 167cm (5'5")
Build Average
Hair ???
Markings None
Eye Color Glowing white
Skin Color Pale pink
Occupation Sanitation Technician at the Miner's Respite
Relationships None
Status Active
Player Hobo


Shyva wears the average Quarian ecosuit. The base suit is a well maintained, pristine white, and her shoal is a beautiful light blue with intrequit light blue swirls and designs, and a gold trim. Her visor emanates a faint light blue around the white glow of her eyes. She is an average sized Quarian but maintains a curvaceous figure. On a hip holster is a collapsed, very worn and amateurly maintained looking pistol.


Early Life

Shyva and her family hail from one of the smaller ships in the Quarian fleet, with only three hundred crew members. Her father was the ship's head of sanitation and maintenance (not to be confused with engineering), usually keeping the ship spotless, and most basic utilities working. Her mother was one of the ship's nurses, assisting in the on board sickbay. Both of them educated Shyva in their trades to some extent and in later years worked alongside her father in sanitation, using her smaller size at the time to help clean the filters throughout the ship's ventilation system. She chose sanitation over nursing with her mother, purely due to her light headedness over blood and gore. She could barely handle needles.

Shyva was the smaller, quiet type, often keeping to herself. When she wasn't working with her father, she was often trying to find a nice quiet spot to think, or draw as she seemed fit. She was always the nervous type, always hesitant to take any risks. Her chronic nervousness and anxiety as often been the cause of her speech impediment, causing her to stutter frequently. She doesn't seem to mind too much, having gotten used to it, but it can try the patience of some of the people around her.

Much like all Quarians, it eventually came time for Shyva to take her pilgrimage, much to her own dismay. It took her a long time to prepare for the ordeal, researching places to go and what she could pick up, but with all of that preparation, she still could never be quite as ready for what she'd experience.

With the few favours her ship had with local transports, she eventually found passage to the only place with some semblance of safety that she could afford: Aite.

Life on Aite

Shyva was first discovered by Ehanis Tioran outside of Freedom Falls' space port. She had nowhere to go, and no idea on what to do, stumbling around with only her backpack filled with her only belongings in this section of the universe. She eventually grew less nervous to her new Asari friend, especially after she was shown to the Miner's Respite inn, where she was able to find a room for rent, allowing her to start her pilgrimage on the right foot. Eventually, she even managed to negotiate with the tavern's owner for a job in order to pay her rent. With her skills in the custodial arts, she quickly became the bar's sanitation technician.

Or janitor, for short.

Through her time working at the Respite, many of her initial fears were realised quickly. Bar fights, gang fights, even killings occurred within her first year of working at the bar, but it eventually served to strengthen her resolve in the end. She eventually got less squeamish around blood and gore, at least enough to be able to clean it with the appropriate due diligence. Though she still has to take time to hide away whenever something big happens, she can rely on the staff and her small circle of friends to help her through them. That and the protection offered by Redrock appears to be quite effective.

Though it hasn't been all bad for Shyva. She's made a handful of friends with the inhabitants of the bar, and she enjoys her work when it doesn't involve things that should really stay inside someone's body. She's even gained quite the reputation with her knowledge in sanitation and how chemicals work together to create the perfect solutions in eliminating grime and stains. She would even gain the affection of two lovely women, but her luck would change in the end, unfortunately.

Most of her spare time is spent drawing on her omnitool.


  • Excellent understanding of chemistry when it comes to cleaning.
  • Excellent cleaning skills.
  • True artistic talent with omni-drawing.



  • Standard-Issue Infantry Omni-Tool (Orange)
  • Several artistic programs


  • A small stuffed elephant named Stampy she bought in a small Freedom Falls market.