Tarlon Sallae

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Sur'Kesh Delaros Mar Henadan Enas Sallae Tarlon
Portrait Tarlon.jpg
Alias Tarlon Sallae
Species Salarian
Gender Male
Age 17
Birthdate 2168
Birthplace Sur'Kesh
Current Residence Unknown
Height Average
Build Unremarkable
Markings ???
Eye Color Yellow
Skin Color Blue-Green
Occupation Travelling Researcher
Status Inactive
Player Mevanna
"Greatest salarian you'll ever meet. Famous, even!."
Jason Wolfe

Tarlon is a travelling researcher and an old friend of Jason, Vasquez and Ilyna.


Blue-green skin with darker markings on the forehead and cranial horns. Only light armour, no visible weapons. Usually seen fiddling around with his Omni-Tool.


Having some biotic ability, rare among his race, Tarlon had to forego an academic career for biotic and military training. As he turned out not to be particularly apt at combat and was not a strong enough biotic to be kept in the army regardless, he left the Salarian military to pursue a career as a researcher. His experience gave him a preference for live tests and practical observation rather than theoretical analysis, so instead of belatedly taking up academic studies, he decided to travel the galaxy to do some field research. At 17 years of age, he has already visited most major worlds, both in council space and outside it. He has also recently managed to secure a good reproduction contract and is now a proud father.


Tarlon is a a field researcher with a varied skillset. His travels in dangerous areas has necessitated learning self-defense, largely through omni-tool programs. He also possesses very weak biotic abilities.