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Species Gzzk
Gender Female
Age <1
Birthdate July, 2185
Birthplace Batarian Space
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 25cm
Build Gzzk
Hair Ocean Blue
Markings ???
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Light Blue
Occupation Pet
Relationships Tara (Owner)
Status Active
Player Tyranniac
"I want her to be happy... like me."

Zoe is a pet gzzk belonging to Tara.


Zoe is a young gzzk with ocean blue fur. Like most breeds of gzzk she has a fluffy tail and large, expressive ears.


Zoe was bought by Leah as a gift for Tara, after being brought to Aite by an animal trader. After living in squalor, caged up for most of her life, Zoe seems to be enjoying her new home, even if she's still adjusting to her new life. Tara has already grown very fond of the little critter.