Aylena D'Inea

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Aylena D'Inea
Alias None
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 699
Birthdate January 3, 1486
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 171cm (5'7")
Build Full
Hair ???
Markings None
Eye Color Lilac
Skin Color Royal Blue
Occupation Miner's Respite Owner
Relationships Kanaya D'Inea (Daughter)
Ennik (Relative)
Status Active
Player Gisle

Aylena D'Inea is the owner of the bar, hotel and restaurant Miner's Respite since October 2184. While she lets loose on the very rare occasion, she is usually composed and difficult to read. She's unafraid of raising her voice to a krogan, or threatening patrons.


She has a Royal Blue skin color, but no really visible markings. There are some telling signs of aging, making it unclear which stage of life she's in, but most asari would find it tactless to call her a matriarch without any further basis.

Her choice in clothing tends to be rather informal; preferring light clothing, but not anything particularly tight or revealing. She does make an exception to that when working at the bar.



Little was still known about her history when she came to Aite, and that's how Aylena preferred it. She was a mother of four daughters, all of whom are now in their matron stage, and she has lived on Illium in the past. The details of the Respite's sale to her is also something she's kept under wraps. The establishment also saw a considerable upgrade in its security and surveillance system over the first months of her being there.


While the Respite has been in the crossfire more times than the asari would like, it wasn't until the fall that her past was to catch up to her. She disappeared one day in September and left Va'ynna to run the establishment with little warning or access.

Steve and Renala investigated her disappearance by looking through the terminal. After finding nothing, Renala left but Steve kept looking. The only clue was a music disc on the floor of the car.

One of the tracks on that album was corrupted, and Renala identified it as an executable program. When running the program, they were contacted by an unknown person that seemed to know a lot about Aylena's situation.

As the mysterious voice foretold, Kanaya D'Inea showed up over a week later to take over her position. She had an assistant with her, a salarian named Ennik Tevot. With a signed note from her mother and access to the office, there was little need to question her. She ran the establishment in a time of relative calm for a while before leaving as suddenly as she arrived.

Illegal Battle

She managed to get a vague message out to Gren, a krogan who has almost always been nearby to fix things whenever there was trouble. With it, he enlisted the help from Redrock Agency and rented a cargo ship to travel to Illium in search for her.

After dealing with Nos Astra spaceport tower and using the codes Aylena had given to them, they were led in the direction of Dalliren spaceport. Vasquez was not happy to hear that the mission was somewhere else after he's pitched them a bad excuse based on little to no intel.

Redrock Agency arrived later than Aylena had hoped. They found her location: an old building at the ground level outside of Dalliren; ground settlement was barely possible there. Enemy combatants had taken control of the building, but there were still fighting going on by the time they had arrived. Redrock Agency managed to take control of the situation and eliminate all that stood in their way, leaving only two survivors.

They extracted without incident, and Aylena finally explained the situation to Vasquez. It was a terse explanation, but it said enough: corporate disagreements turned violent. She also spoke of a court case she was attending later that would put and end to this trouble.


The court date drew ever closer with each day, and her enemies must not be putting too much stock in winning it. There was another attack on the in early November, this time by a lone assailant — there was no sign of evidence to prove otherwise. It started by them making an example of Lema T'Vynas, who they saw as the reason why their earlier assault failed.

Redrock Agency did not connect the dots in time, and the asari managed to get to the Miner's Respite and have the advantage in this situation. Aylena was hit in this attack before Redrock could take control of it, and she was moved to the hospital.

At the hopsital she explained that this was much more personal than she had initially let on. She was personally involved with Oritern, and the rejection of her security contract with him was not taken in stride. She also explained that she couldn't link the attack on her company that forced her to escape off-world, which meant that she had to work towards building the case.

Aylena may be a cold-hearted businesswoman at times, but the people that lost their livelihood, or worse, deserve closure. These were people she have worked with for an immense amount of time, some even centuries.

Final Word

There was thankfully a period of peace following that, and Aylena has been afforded time to recover thanks to the hard-working employees at the Miner's Respite. The month of december has come and her enemies window of opportunity for another assault is rapidly closing; the specific date unknown.



Her skills in combat is unremarkable for an asari at the sunset of her matron days, her skills barely competing with someone right out of the asari military's equivalent of boot camp.

  • Throw: Will unbalance a regular merc, and an inattentive krogan.
  • Stasis: Single-target, lasts 3 seconds
  • Barrier: Personal range


Her technical skills are mostly about mechanical systems, not anything useful in combat. Her knowledge of software is also very specialized to controlling and measuring the systems of a vehicle or spacecraft.


She is not skilled at using a weapon. She could repair one with relative ease given the parts or access to a fabricator, however.


The Miner's Respite is not the first business she has ran, and a gigantic step down in complexity despite its unique challenges.




  • A very modern barely use set of black medium armor.


  • Sky-Car (Brand removed from vehicle registration)


  • Production-Grade Fabricator (High-end make)