Va'ynna Atana

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Va'ynna Atana
Alias V, Vay, Vynna, Vayna, Vanya, Twitch, Twitchy, Twitches
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age 87
Birthdate July 2, 2098
Birthplace Etheai, Sanves
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 184cm (6'½")
Build Slender
Hair ???
Markings Faint Green 'eyebrows'
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Dark Purple
Occupation Miner's Respite Employee
Relationships Victoria Steels (Lover)
Uvena Atana (Mother)
Jason Wolfe (Best Friend)
Status Active
Player Gisle
"But you're sweet, shy, and quite possibly the least dangerous person within a fifty mile radius. The last place I'd expect to find you is serving drinks in a bar out here in the Terminus."
Jason Wolfe


The first thing that sticsk about is her tall, slender build; she stands at 184cm (6' ½"). She has a intense purple skin color and sports only very faint green markings: two short green rays on the brows, just above the eyes. Her crests are well-kept, and has a smooth texture of a color matching the rest of her head. Regarding her clothing, she prefers a casual dress when she can, or a simple outfit if work/weather demands it; either way, she dresses modestly.


Old Life

Va'ynna grew up on Sanves, and had a quite normal childhood, if a bit on the less social side. She was raised only by her mother, and never heard anything about her father. Other than that, there's not much to say about it. She did above average in education, but has no finished tertiary education. Her mother wasn't a 'mother of the year' by a long shot, and the two hasn't spoken together for decades.

She's never really stayed with the same job for long, especially when social interaction was a vital part of it; even retail. While boring, she's been content with menial jobs that are out of sight, like organizing storage where machines to do so are impractical.

New Life

She eventually grew bored of the old life, and wanted to travel and see the galaxy like so many maidens do. She has been sparse on the details of her trip, but she went via Illium and arrived alone late at night. It's hard to imagine her doing that now, but back then she was quite different, and less unsure of herself.

Her first night at the Miner's Respite is one she remembers well, even if it left no lasting impact. She met another asari that had noticed her when she entered the bar, and talked with her for a few minutes. She was even offered a strong drink, but she did not have more than a sip of it before coughing and leaving it alone. The conversation ended abrupt when Va'ynna returned a question, and the asari stormed out instead of answering her. She never saw this person again.

Thankfully the company she met later on weren't all that bad. Meeting Jason is the one she remembers best due to him being her guide to Freedom Falls in the beginning. She also met Zaylus Velrin, who showed an interest for her, but she was also never truly comfortable around him.




It has come out in conversation that her mother Uvena had given up on raising Va'ynna. Maybe not in exact terms at first, but it was never a secret. She had not forgiven her mother for this, which is why bringing her up was enough to sour even the best mood.






Va'ynna has some formal training in biotics, but nothing coming anywhere close to combat training. To make matters worse, the asari is not able to tackle the stress of a situation where defensive or offensive biotics would prove useful.

That's not to say that her biotics are useless; her telekinetic fields are able to lift objects weighing up to 80kg (175lbs) on a good day. If she can use her hands to guide the lifted object and it – or worse, they – can take a few bumps, the weight limit may go above 180kg (400lbs). This is the only kind of biotics of hers that sees regular practice because most deliveries to the Miner's Respite is her responsibility.

The asari has some basic knowledge of barriers and stasis fields, but they take a lot out of her to execute and fall apart far too quickly to be useful.


As for weapons, the asari can technically use a pistol. Before going to Aite, she bought a cheap civilian-grade Predator pistol. She has since disposed of it after a traumatic experience, not wanting to keep a weapon in her room.


  • Originally, Va'ynna was going to be a second iteration of Aeyna. When Ilyna was introduced, I made a carefully considered decision to change her background while remaining consistent with past RP.