Sala Piros

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Sala Piros
Alias Unknown
Species Asari
Gender ???
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Current Residence Unknown
Height Unknown
Build Athletic
Hair ???
Markings Yellow spots (cheeks)
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Sky-blue
Occupation Unknown
Relationships ???
Status Active
Player Gisle

Sala Piros is an asari who was involved in Va'ynna's kidnapping. That's pretty much all people know about her.


She has sky-blue skin, and there are some yellow spots and lines on her cheeks, and she has green eyes.


Chit Chat

According to the mercenaries found at Va'ynna's kidannping site, she was the one who asked for the asari by name, and Sala has not denied her involvement. She contacted Redrock Agency by baiting them to the site and leaving a device there to facilitate communication. They had a short conversation, and Sala let no chance slip by to taunt the agents. She revealed that she was looking for Wenera Leren, with whom she needed to talk, but Jason declined the offer of getting her.