Sioria Felcolus

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Sioria Felcolus
Sioria Portrait.png
Alias None
Species Turian
Gender ???
Age 25
Birthdate March 17, 2160
Birthplace Bull Plains, Aite
Current Residence Freedom Falls, Aite
Height 192cm (6'5")
Build Athletic
Hair ???
Markings Red and blue warpaint
Eye Color Dark Green
Skin Color Dull Blue
Occupation Field agent for Redrock Agency
Relationships Ehanis Tioran (Good friend)
Status Inactive
Player Hobo


Sioria stands a good six-foot-five without her armour. Her stern face is covered by her grey armour-like carapace, fit over her dull blue skin. She uses a blend of blues and reds on her face as war paint, highlighting her nose, brows, and cheeks. Her mandibles are a bit on the small side, not protruding too far outwards. She has a fairly muscular body, but still has that turian female charm. She's normally wearing her thick white armour, with black highlights, and T-visored helmet.


Early Life

Sioria was not born on a Turian ruled world, no. She was born on a small colony on Aite to two Turian colonists who left Turian space a very long time ago to explore new frontiers. They were tired of the day to day life on Palavan, and as soon as they could leave the mandatory military service, they packed up their lives and left. It wasn't long before they settled in a small colony on Aite by the name of Bull Plains, and using their combat engineer and medic skill sets quickly made it their home. Soon after that, Sioria was born.

Sioria grew up in the colony, making friends where she could, and in colonies like that, most friends ended up being your friends for life. It took her a while, being one of the few Turians who had chosen to make the colony home, but she eventually ended up with a good group she would hang around with, getting up to all kinds of mischief. Sioria would end up trusting her friends with her life, without a heartbeat. Life wasn't always so picturesque in Bull Plains though, even with the guards around. Sioria watched as some families lost all that they held dear overnight to highway-robbers, armed gunmen, and all sorts of other criminals, and it made her sick to her stomach. She joined up with the guards at the young age of fifteen, intent to stop as many criminals as she could and keep the colony safe.

Tauros Security Solutions

As Bull Plains grew, it earned the attention of a human-run security company called Tauros Security Solutions, specialising in defensive operations and civil protection. It wasn't long before they negotiated a contract to protect Bull Plains and bring it into the Tauros fold in exchange for use of the colony's farmlands and facilities. With the new protectors in place, the guards were slowly assimilated or phased out as more and more of the guards signed on with TSS. Sioria took the first opportunity she could to sign on, following in one of her closest friend, Sasha's, footsteps. They were as inseparable in training as they were since they were babies.

Seven years later Sioria and a small squad of TSS troopers lead an attempt to expand their business to Freedom Falls. A few other squads had established small foot-holds in other cities, but no one had tackled a city as big as Freedom Falls. The squad tried their best to get noticed, mostly kicking common criminals to the curb but unfortunately couldn't land a good enough gig. After evaluating their potential clients, then the Redrock band of mercs, they decided to cut their losses and head home.

Sioria on the other hand, after experiencing the city life for over a month at that point, refused. There was more action, more thrill, and more fun in general to be had in Freedom Falls. She couldn't go back to standing sentry duty at home. She resigned from Tauros after much deliberation, and stayed behind, now a mercenary for hire.

Redrock Agent

After resigning from Tauros, she was soon picked up by Redrock, after meeting her good friend Ehanis Tioran. Sioria was picked up for her skills as a markswoman, her proficiency with a M-15 Vindicator being noted on her service record, and her hand to hand prowess, formed after years of sparring with her fellow guardsmen and Tauros agents.

Her career at Redrock has not been an extensive one, being mostly relegated to guard duty, but it has had its moments. She provided overwatch and protection for the group during the Di Yu operation, where she first came into contact with the dreaded proto-adjutants. To say it was an eventful operation would be an understatement, after gruelling battle and more than a few close calls, she made it out without major injury, save for a concussion suffered from a hard blow to the head, and a sprained ankle after their ride home was hit hard.

She also provided sniper support for the mission to rescue a personal friend of many Redrock agents, Va'ynna, from the hands of the Avoren Security group in Linissa. She provided important situational intel to the group from her overwatch position, and took out key personnel with her rifle and keen eye.

Finally, thanks to the resources and facilities at Redrock, she has been able to further her close quarters training, by taking up the ballistic shield and hand-cannon. She understands that her long range skills will not always be an asset to the team during certain situations.



Highly proficient in medium to long range weapons, ranging from a long range sniper or designated marksman weapon, to an assault rifle. This allows her to fill overwatch and sniping positions where required, as well as medium range general combat.

Proficient in close range, single handed weapons, such as a pistol or hand cannon when coupled with a heavy ballistics shield.

Highly proficient in hand-to-hand training, after years of practice in both the Bull Plains guardsmen, and Tauros Security Solutions.

Proficient in swearing.


Highly proficient with light sets of armour, offering good flexibility and movement, allowing her to scale rough surfaces and gain access to higher ground.

Proficient in heavy armour, used for CQB tactics, allowing her to take the stray shot that escapes past her shield.

Proficient with a heavy ballistic shield, built from extremely durable alloys, allowing it to resist sustained small arms fire.




  • Light Turian armour (Used for markswoman operations)
  • Heavy Turian armour (Basic, complete with neck guards and ballistic visor, used in CQC operations, hydraulics assisted)
  • Light kinetic barrier


  • Standard-Issue Infantry Omni-Tool (Orange)


  • Ballistic shield. (Built with light-weight, durable materials, able to withstand sustain small arms fire.)