Children of the Revelator

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"You will serve, willingly or not. You only resist because you do not understand."

The Children of the Revelator were a group of machine cultists that worshipped the mysterious entity known only as the Revelator. They were based in the Di Yu system, at the outer rim of the galaxy.



The origins of the cult is largely unknown, but it seems to have come into existence after Father Marchal discovered an abandoned asari research facility on Di Yu IV. The facility contained the Orb of the Revelator, an ancient artifact of unknown origin and immense power. Hidden away in the vast, dark forest of Di Yu IV, Marchal gathered followers in a compound, learning forbidden truths from the Revelator, who spoke to them through the artifact. In this way they survived for many years, trading credits from an unknown source with the colonists of New Longhai in exchange for supplies as their worship intensified and their minds were lost.


As time went on the Children sought to spread the reach of the Revelator's influence, in their eyes an act of mercy that would save those that joined them once their god arrived as foretold. On the asteroid mine of Ogofau they undertook one such effort, having been drawn to the place as a site of significance for the Revelator. Through advanced machinery they spread an infection that turned those who would not open their eyes willingly to the service of the Revelator, transforming them into Proto-Adjutants, the cybernetically repurposed remnants of a long-dead species. Before their plans could be fully completed the Redrock Agency arrived on Ogofau to investigate, thwarting the cultists' plan to further spread the infection.


Deeply scarred by their last encounter with their cult, the leadership of the Redrock Agency arranged a mission to wipe out the Children of the Revelator, after learning of the location of their compound. Unknown to the members of the team sent, however, their leader, Chief Vasquez, was under the influence of the human-supremacist organization Cerberus, who had learned of the cult and sought the knowledge and technology that they possessed for their own ends. After a long and fierce battle that left many dead and crippled, Redrock managed to destroy both the Children and, seemingly, their god. The Revelator had appeared to them in the deepest levels of the asari research facility, taking the form of the asari matriarch that had once ran the facility. The creature was defeated in the battle, but the legacy of the Children lived on, their infection spreading to the town of New Longhai even as Redrock was betrayed from within, Vasquez taking the Orb for Cerberus so that its secrets could be unlocked.


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