Investigating Ogofau

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Redrock Agency

MSV Galahad

Ogofau Asteroid Mine

Shadow Broker

  • Operative Ghost
  • Unnamed Agents


Going In Blind

In April of 2185, Londinium Galactic lost contact with one of their facilities, the Ogofau Asteroid Mine. Wanting to keep things discreet, they hired Redrock to investigate the situation. Desperate for lucrative contracts and more personnel, Chief Linda Vasquez accepted, hiring on several freelancers to bolster Redrock's numbers, with a promise of further employment if they performed well. A Londinium Galactic escort corvette, the MSV Galahad, transported the team to Ogofau. With no response on close-range comms, the likelihood that the mine had fallen victim to a batarian attack seemed higher than ever. Redrock's team went in, two security officers from the Galahad accompanying them to show the way.

Nightmares In The Dark

The Redrock team very quickly encountered signs that a struggle had taken place. They also discovered that all of the facility's non-essential systems were lacking power - including lights and doors. Making their way through the dark, slowed by the need to manually open the doors in their path, the team eventually found an asari receptionist that seemed catatonic. Unable to get any useful information out of her, their investigation continued. Back in the hangar, mysterious operatives in high-end gear killed Officer Dasgupta and ejected Jasper from his shuttle, taking it for themselves and leaving the team without an extraction plan. Meanwhile, the team investigating the facility discovered the cause of Ogofau's radio silence - the miners had been infected by a mysterious nanovirus found aboard an ancient starship buried in the asteroid. The infection had turned them into mutated husks with deadly biotic abilities. Jason found himself reliving his worst nightmares as the team fought their way through the eerily familiar horrors in search of a way to contact the Galahad.

Bad To Worse

The Redrock team took heavy casualties as they fought their way through the station - Jenya had to be killed after being infected, while their remaining guide, Paul O'Clery fell victim to the creatures. Maria Penttilä lost her life after being surrounded while holding off a horde of infected miners in the shuttle hangar. Redrock discovered that the facility administrator had survived after sealing himself in the control room. They also found the mine's doctor, Halisi alive in the infirmary. The effort to contact the Galahad was cut short as Jasper managed to repair the broken Londinium Galactic shuttle that was left behind in the hangar, but Halisi insisted that they must look for other survivors before leaving. The effort proved worthwhile - a small group of surviving miners were able to be extracted alongside the surviving members aboard the repaired shuttle.


Upon returning to the Galahad, the Redrock team found that the infection had reached it when the covert operatives boarded the ship using their stolen shuttle. The only survivors aboard the escort corvette were Chief Linda Vasquez and the ship's engineer. Together, the survivors limped their way back to civilized space, but all of their lives had been changed forever. Vasquez and Jason found themselves chasing the source of the infection in the months that followed, while Halisi conducted her own tests on samples collected from the infected. Like most of the surviving Londinium personnel she found herself unable to remain with the company, but she was the only one that opted to remain in Freedom Falls, joining Redrock due to a sense of debt after they rescued her. Many of the team suffered injuries - the most severe was that of Vaden who lost his left hand in the fighting. All suffered fresh fodder for their nightmares.

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  • Ogofau is an ancient Roman gold mine located in Wales.